Sunday, April 12, 2009

Terminator Season (Series?) Finale

If that was the end of the Sarah Connor Chronicles at least it ended on a high note. We finally got some action (after that whole boring Sarah lies in bed four-episode sweep) with Cameron shooting up a prison the way Arnold used to do back in the day.

John Connor wound up in the future, after Judgement Day, where nobody has heard of John Connor and Cameron seems to be a human. The only down note was that the writers did the lame reset-button trick, and Brian Austin Green is alive in this future...totally undercutting last week's shocking bullet to the head.

Terminator is increasingly becoming "Sliders" where each earth has it's own similar but different version of history. How long until the T-888's fight the Kro-Mags?

I hope this one comes back, but if it doesn't it is the fault of the writers who had a really drag-ass middle of the season.

If I were Fox I'd rush this one back about five minutes after the movie comes out, and just call the show "Terminator."

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