Thursday, April 9, 2009

Terminator Gets Good....Too Late

I'm late on this (sorry, busy) but wow Terminator TV (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) was amazing last week.
Because like three minutes in they killed off whichever Reese (Kyle?) Brian Austin Greene was!
Not a fake death.  Not a dream.  Not something undone by time travel.  Bang dead.
Not even a heroic death.  Just a random killing by a Terminator!  Awesome!
The middle of this season was awful.  My thumb was getting quite a workout on the fast forward button what with the stupid girlfriend and hot Sarah being in bed all the time....zzzzzzz.
Then they found their way with the submarine episodes, then last week's killing!
Unfortunately tomorrow night is the season finale....and the ratings are horrible.
Let's hope Fox sees the wisdom of keeping this show around.  It would be stupid to kill it off right before a new Terminator movie which looks like it will re-invigorate the franchise (T3 wasn't that bad folks, it just wasn't as good as T2...but what third movie in a trilogy is?  Jedi? ha!).

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