Saturday, June 27, 2009

So like Digital TV like um doesn't work you know

Got my converter box. Got my antenna. I know how to hook things up. The best I can do is lock in at 40% on some channels.

Yeah, some.

ABC New York? Forget it. Zero.

The channels that went back to VHF frequencies after June 12th just don't come in. The UHFers sort of do, and I will tell you there's nothing like Telefutura and the 6 subcarriers.

I used to be able to pull in TV all the way from Philly (and NYC), out on my deck. I used to be able to use my Casio Watchman and my battery powered TV during blackouts. Now my old reliable 13 inch TV/DVD player is basically a DVD player.

Whose idea was this anyway? I can only imagine what people who don't understand electronics are going through.

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