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Thursday, July 11, 2024

QBC: Prices of other Fan Fests

Fanatics Fest is coming up in August. You guys all know I’m not a fan of Fanatics but if this is something you want to go to, I hope you do enjoy it. There are lot of players from different sports and WWE wrestlers who are under the Fanatics banner that will be at their fest doing panels and signings. I am going to focus on the Mets portion of the fest. I want to compare this to the Queens Baseball Convention aka QBC that will be taking place in December on Saturday the 7th. Let’s look at the admission tickets. I’m not going to be looking at the 1 days since we only do one day.

I have no idea if this VIP is worth it or not. What’s in the gift bag? That’s a pricey ticket in my opinion with no autographs included. Our VIP tickets include autographs in the package with admission 

$50 general admission ticket gets you in the door, chances to see panels and be able to shop the vendors. That’s a fair price for the day.

Photo ops/autographs come ala carte for the players/wrestlers.

Pete Alonso. $199 for basic items.$249 for jerseys and equipment.$599 for game used items. I can’t see charging fans different process for different items. I get what the players perception might be that the collectors are just getting items to sign to resell later. But really what does that matter? I’m so against that and that’s we we only charge one price for autos. Certain talent’s autos might be higher than another talent but that’s because of what the talent charges us to be at the QBC.

McNeil photo ops and flats start at $79. Next level items are $99. Game used and auto are $199.  We don’t charge for photo ops either. Just be quick have your phone ready click the pic and move on.

We had Darryl a few years ago at the QBC and we just charged one flat price for items and photos.

Now I’m not crapping on Fanatics for their pricing. They can charge whatever they want for their talent. I know they have a lot of talent that’s going to be there and have to pay for it and that’s cool. That’s their business model. 

So Goon, what was the point of this post if you aren’t trashing Fanatics? This post is to show folks who do complain about our prices for the QBC to see what prices are out there. We try our best to be as fan friendly to our fellow Mets fans and that we are just here to have a good time with everyone and not lose any of our personal money every year. Hopefully in next few weeks we’ll have our players ready to be announced.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you guys see what kind of a god deal the QBC’s pricing.

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John From Albany said...

You do a great job with the QBC. A great facility, great lineup and very fair price. Thank you.