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Friday, March 22, 2024

Citi Field unveils the columns of Fame

 Years ago when when the Wilpons owned the Mets and had Citi Field built, it was very barren of Mets history. There was no Mets museum but a team store double the size of what it became in the second season of the ballpark. Why? Because the fans complained about how the team store was huge and was selling Brooklyn Dodgers Merchandise. After all the backlash the Mets announced they were always going to build the Mets museum and the next season there it was. The team store cut down in half and a place where the Mets Wall/Gall of Fame was erected. Fast Foward 15 years from the original opening of Citi Field and it seems we are back to square one. No more museum but the artifacts spread out throughout the ballpark. The wall of Fame is now the columns of Fame and the team store is back to original size.

What is going on in Flushing? I don’t get it.

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Anonymous said...

i never really saw anyone in the museum anyway. i like the idea of putting it in back corner where the season membership area was (as long as it doesn’t smell like kosher grill or pizza) or what I like better is to better utilize the bullpen area and close in part of the corner near where the all star gsme stuff is and create the hall of fame there. perfect spot for it in my opinion. once you go through the Rotunda, you would never go back down to the museum.