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Friday, December 22, 2023

Yamamoto signs with Dodgers. Fans react.


Mets fans must be waking up going what the hell happened? We have the richest owner in the league and the Mets didn’t get Yoshi? Grabbed some different tweets or X posts to gauge feelings on this.

Fans feeling frustrated at the Dodgers spending money to try to buy a World Series. 

Ibby  from Til Mets Do Us Part podcast trying to be the voice of reason.

Mets fan mad at double standard in the league about how the Dodgers can get away with the spending and folks are mad that the Mets were being eyed by other owners for spending a ton of money last few years. 

My buddy DCA with an analytical view of the spending and not an emotional one.

I know Yamamoto is 25 but a twelve year deal? Yikes. How many years do you think he ends up on shelf with an arm injury?

And now this last one is interesting. It’s the Amit “Uncle Steve”Post. Are we going to see more of this? Are fans going to be okay with the next few signings by Stearns? Are Mets fans going to be patient or are they going to act like Yankees fans and throw fits because they don’t get what they think they deserve in players coming to NY?

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