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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

My thoughts surrounding the Mets Casino.


A few thoughts about the Casino plans. One, the parking is gong to suck. What happens when there is a game day and folks want to gamble at the same time? How is the parking going to work those days? Can you imagine what the traffic is going to be going and coming to the casino and the stadium. Wait until the Wilponland Development site across the street kicks in with their retail spaces, the schools, the affordable housing etc.

Two- Folks don't realize that the Casino, hotel, etc is going to be in the footprint of Shea Stadium in the parking lots and not across the street in the Iron Triangle. The Iron Triangle development rights are the Wilpons aka Sterling Equities. I can never get past how folks don't read and haven't paid attention to any of this in the last few years.

Three- How is this helping any of the neighborhoods? The supposed Affordable Housing across 126th street is going to be affected by the seedier folks that show up outside of the casinos. This is going to be fun.

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