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Friday, June 30, 2023

What Mets Players Made The All Star Game


As of  now with the over 300 million dollar payroll the Mets should have had a ton of players that made the team right? Let’s see.

Pete Alonso? Nope

Jeff McNeil? Nope

Francisco Lindor? Nope

Brett Baty? Nope

Francisco Alvarez? Nope

Sterling Marté? Nope

Brandon Nimmo? Nope

Mark Canha? Nope

Daniel Vogelbach? Nope

Max Scherzer? Nope

Justin Verlander? Nope

Kodai Senga? Nope

David Robertson? Yep

Anyone else? Nope.

So out of the starting lineup, 3/5s of the starting rotation, and the bullpen, maybe only one pitcher might make the team. This just shows you how unwatchable the team is right now. Mets fans in the past, even if their team sucked would stuff the ballots for their players. Yeesh.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find this information? They only announced the starters last night. I thought the rest of the teams were to be named on Sunday July 2nd?