Monday, May 4, 2009

Star Trek Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Let me first say I was a hater when I first saw stills of the new Star Trek.   I complained about Chris Pine being too young, or the need for a reboot at all.
Now I have seen the film, and I was wrong.
Star Trek is the finest incarnation of Trek of them all.  The best of the 11 movies (even Khan), and as good as any episode of the TV show.
Everyone is perfectly cast.  Pine manages to catch Kirk's cockiness without the Shatnerisms.   The Chekov guy is great, as are McCoy and Scotty.   Sulu doesn't have much of a role other than a Galaxy Quest inspired scene, and New Uhura's character gets fleshed out more than she ever did in 79 episodes and 6 movies.
There are wonderful comeback moments that remind you of days-gone-by (The obligatory "I'm a doctor..." or naming a planet Delta Vega).  I'll break some of those down tomorrow.  All are done in a subtle way, not the George Lucas way.
There are very emotional moments if you are a Trekkie, I got choked up not once, not twice but ten different times during the film.
From the first battle scene you can tell that this is Trek done on a whole new level, and I very very quickly stopped caring about continuity, or the placement of nacells, or the i-bridge.   Now in my mind THIS is Star Trek and the series from the 60's looks like an old Batman serial to me.   It's what came before, but not the fully realized potential of the characters.
It's absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to see it 50 times.   Well well done by Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman who clearly understand the franchise, the fans, and these characters.
Tomorrow, a few minor spoilers.

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