Friday, April 15, 2016

Mike Piazza Thanks New Owners of 9/11 Jersey

Mike Piazza ·
Wanted to express again my sincere appreciation to Anthony and Tony for stepping up and purchasing my 9-21-01 Jersey and keeping it where it belongs, I want to thank again all the members of the media who brought this to attention and helped with the outcome. I especially want to thank YOU fans for your love and support as we all know how much that night mean to us. It is often difficult for me bring attention to that game and to myself because I saw first hand the pain and suffering we all went through that week. Many of us are still living with today, directly or indirectly. As much as we love our rivalries in sports, when it comes to this we are all New Yorkers. So God Bless all of you and looking forward to seeing all of you this summer!

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