Monday, March 28, 2016


I am going to take a break now and then from writing about the Mets and baseball things and review,comment, maybe even vent on other things that I enjoy. That is what this blog was originally built on before I ever wrote a post for I was trying my hand at this blogging thing and then got sucked into helping run MP. Well, let my first non Mets post on TheMediaGoon in many years be about........the suckitude known as Batman v. Superman.

 This movie was bloated. The story made very little sense. I still don't like the dour emo Superman. Where is the the guy with the S shield that gives hope to the world? He is supposed to combat the xenophobia of the world by pushing through it saving lives and fighting the good fight. The whole dynamic between his mom, dad, and Clark not wanting to help people is ridiculous

. The Lex Luthor character felt like he was channeling the Joker and not being the alien hating, power hungry,cold, calculating business man we all know. He is way too manic. They do show how ruthless he can be, but he's unhinged in this flick.

 Wonder Woman. I think she might be the best part of the film. Only problem is that she is too underused in it. I am really hoping because Zack Snyder isn't directing the Wonder Woman film that it turns out great. She is probably one of the best known super heroes who keeps getting one of the most horrible treatments and I would love for her to break through and be the Star of the DC film universe.

 Doomsday. NO NEED FOR HIM TO BE IN THIS MOVIE. They could have basically put in the Parasite and it would have worked the same.

 Batman. The Bat Suit was awesome. The Iron Bat suit was less awesome. I also don't think Batman would be played like he was by folks in this movie. He's the world's greatest detective for Christ's sakes. Why isn't he ever portrayed that way? The film over all was very boring. The CGI was meh. The fight scenes were pretty good. Batman kills people. We get to see the Wayne's die again. Also, how does he not know about the Metahumans that are out and about but Luthor does??
And, now because of this, I went from maybe wanting to see The Suicide Squad to not really caring. I tried to be as vague as possible in this post as to not give away too much, but God this movie blew.

The story itself was very forced and the Justice League members seemed crowbarred in. I know WB wants to build their own cinematic universe but this was not necessary in the movie. Could have easily been put into a tag at the end of the movie.

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