Thursday, March 17, 2016


New York Mets Mascott Mr. Met walked away from a contract that would have paid him $1300 this season because team officials told Mr.Met that he had to limit the time his 14-year-old son, Mr Met Jr., spent with the team, Media Goon Sports news first reported. Mr. Met announced his retirement Tuesday, hinting at the reason behind his decision with the hashtag #familyfirst in a tweet posted that day. Mr. Met addressed the issue with reporters(through hand gestures) Wednesday and said that mascots kids are still permitted in the Mets clubhouse but not every day, saying no job would allow that. "Sometimes you have to make decisions in this world that are unpopular," team officials said. Officials said the Mets have always encouraged mascots' kids being in the clubhouse and on the field. But he said he thought Master Met was there too much. Officials said he first talked to Mr. Met about cutting back on his son's time in the clubhouse a week ago, then again Sunday. "There has been no policy change with regards to allowance of kids in the clubhouse, on the field, the back fields during spring training," officials told Media Goon Sports. "This young man that we're talking about, Mr Met Jr. -- everyone loves this young man. In no way do I want this to be about him. Mets Officials have asked Mr. Met to take a few days and think about this situation before making his final decision.
Mr. Red Legs tweeted his support to Mr. Met Good for you Metsy ! Nothing like father and son in the clubhouse..It's a FAMILY game #FamilyFirst The Associated Press did not contribute to this report in any way or form. (This article is a parody article)

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