Wednesday, March 23, 2016


You guys mind that there aren't any Saturday 1:10 pm starts? I don't. I actually love it. I prefer the 4pm/7pm start times on a Saturday. Now hear me out. I know it doesn't work for everyone but for folks like me its beautiful. I work crazy hours. With my job, I could be getting in at 6am on Saturday morning from working the day before. I used to have to drag my tired ass to Flushing on maybe 4/5 hours sleep. Now, my whole morning is devoted to sleep. My afternoon is going to my "backyard" and enjoying my favorite thing to do in the summer, watching baseball. With the later start times I can get some sleep, do some errands, not be baked in the intense afternoon summer sun, and take my time going to the ballpark. I know it doesn't work for all of you, but I am okay with it. Now the flip side of this is the Sunday games. Most of them are supposed to start at 1:10 pm starts. There are a couple of games scheduled for Sunday Night baseball. I hate Sunday Night Baseball. HATE IT. I usually have to be up at anywhere between 2-4 am on Monday morning for work. Do I have to go to the games? No. At least I know what I am in for with the scheduled times on the ticket. Oh wait. That's right. ESPN can grab any Sunday game they want and move it to Sunday nights from the afternoon. UGH! Annoying beyond belief. But what can you do? I have a 41 game weekend plan this year and I am going to enjoy going to the games just like I have in the past. But, do you know who I do feel bad for? The kids that were looking for the Mr Met Dash after Sunday games. I don't have any kids but can you imagine kids wanting to do this and the game run to 11 pm and then they hold the dash after the game? THAT'S GOING TO SUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

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