Thursday, March 17, 2016


Being a Jersey Completist and also liking the 1986 look of the throwbacks, I had to buy this jersey in spite of the white panel or jersey diaper on the back of the jersey.
Nice crisp look to the jersey.
The patch.
The nameplate.
I don't really see/feel a huge difference in the flex base vs the cool base of the previous years. Maybe it is lighter? Maybe you can't tell with this jersey?
Now here is where we have the problem. Why couldn't Majestic have the pinstripes extend all the way down to through the panel? I know on field the jersey is supposed to be tucked in, but it is going to look horrible on fans. Here are some pics of a throwback that Majestic came out with a few years ago. No nameplate and wasn't flex base or even cool base.
Looks so much better then the "diaper"

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