Monday, March 21, 2016


GARY CARTER Art Baseball. Original pen and ink drawings on vintage baseball; signed by the artist. Artist Richard Righter has captured some of the great stars of baseball and created a tribute to the game using part of the game. Each baseball is collected from local ballparks, antique stores or other sources, meticulously cleaned, conditioned, dried and prepped; then the portrait is drawn with black ink for a unique, vintage appearance. The idea for these art-balls came while collecting used baseballs and a desire to better preserve their inherent character and enhance "displayability." Start your collection with Hall of Fame catcher and '86 Mets World Series star, Gary Carter. Well-worn and ideally aged for a classic look, this portrait baseball will immediately add a classic element to your sports display. On the front panel is Gary Carter's portrait; on the left side panel is Cater in action behind the plate. On right and rear panels are name and stat inscriptions commemorating the 11 time All Star's phenomenal accomplishments.

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