Thursday, October 16, 2008

Criss Angel

I hate Criss Angel. From his stupid Long Island accent to his cockiness that should not even be there. I could pay a whole bunch of stooges to stand around and oooh and aaah at nothing too.  He doesn't even pull his stunts off well.  This is going to be one long continuous shot....then all of a sudden the continuous shot cuts to a crowd member then back to the continuous shot. Guess what? That is no way in hell considered a continuous shot.  If there is any type of cut away, then its not continuous, is it?  I can explain 90% of his tricks. And a lot of his stuff is not even that spectacular. Nope, can't see that mirror over the table. Wait were in the desert making a tank disappear? Hey is that a second curtain set up next to the 1st one? Why did the camera cut back to Criss Angel? And why when it cut back the second curtain went down instead of the 1st? oooooh nothing behind that said curtain. CUE the shills....ooooooohhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh....amazing. What is amazing is a bad actor/illusionist with a lisp being as popular as he is.

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