Friday, June 12, 2009

I Want My Analog TV Bailout Money

Dear Government,
I would like compensation for my no-longer-usable portable Casio TV.  As of today it no longer functions as a television.   I don't think it is realistic to carry around a protable gas generator and a converter box to use a 2 inch TV.  I also don't see any RCA's on my Casio.
I would also like compensation for my larger battery powered emergency TV/radio/flashlight.  During the 2003 blackout this helped me stay informed.   I guess I coud use my gas generator for that, but still.
I'd also like to be compensated for the annoyance of having to bring a converter box to my NFL tailgates.  I guess you don't want me to watch the 1 o'clock games.
You bail everyone else out, send me $300.  That should cover it.

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