Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I'm listening to Boomer and Carton and they are talking about how the Mets sold the Mike Piazza Game after 9/11 Home Run jersey in a private auction a few years ago. The collector who bought it lent it to the Mets Museum for a few years and now has it up for auction at an action house in NJ.

Now I am not going to kill the collector for buying/selling it, but what were the Mets thinking selling this? Why wasn't this held by the team as part of the Mets history? It really was typical Mets move, where they really don't care about their own history and let's stuff like this slip through their fingers.

I also don't know if this was part of the game used memorabilia that disappeared during that whole debacle where a lot of stuff vanished and was sold under the radar. So, I kind of don't want to 100% kill the Mets, but come on.

Maybe the Mets will bid on this to get it back. Maybe another collector will buy it and lend it to Cooperstown.

Now this info is all from the Boomer and Carton show, so I am sure not all the details were talked about but from what I heard, yuck.

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Unknown said...

Mets ownership sucks