Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Won't Shop at SHOPMLB

I have to say Fanatics which is the fulfillment company for ShopMLB has to be the worst company to deal with. They never have your order in stock. They will cancel an order out of nowhere without telling you. They do not make it easy to make returns and in general they are a horror show. In October of 2015, I ordered a Post Season deGrom jersey. Usually it would take a 7-10 business days for a company to get the order picked,packed, and shipped. Not Fanatics. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. They don't send it to you until December, months after the playoffs are done. Did I mention that I cancelled the order and it still shipped? Did I mention I called them up and complained that I received a cancelled order where they said that all I had to do was slap the return label that came with the order back on it and I wouldn't be charged? Did I mention that after I sent it back to them in December that I just got the refund last week minus the $15 for shipping? NO? WELL ALL THAT HAPPENED!!!! Four months it took to get my money back. HOW THE HELL DOES IT TAKE 4 MONTHS TO REFUND MONEY? It doesn't take 4 months to take my money but for months to return it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM? Then they charged me for the shipping too. I hate to berate them on twitter for 6 hrs to get this fixed. Their computer systems are crap too. They couldn't find any of my orders in the system by my name, email, or my phone number. I can't wait for the MLB to wise up to these jokes. If you guys have a problem with them let me know. I do a great job being relentless with them on social media to the point that they now follow me and DM me to see what they can do to quiet me down. That was officially the last time using them.

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