Saturday, June 6, 2020

I doubt that there will be a baseball season.

I doubt that there will be a baseball season in 2020 and I don’t care. I just don’t have it in me to care about billionaires fighting with Millionaires over compensation for a season without fans. I love baseball. Don’t get me wrong. I miss being able to hang with my friends at a game and relaxing after a long work week. I haven’t worked since March 13th and guess what. I don’t have any to have to relax from. Would I like it if a season started so I had something to watch? Sure. Would be cool. I’ve been watching the KBO and my buddy Chris Flexen when he pitches. So I am getting the sports fix from that and WWE and AEW. So when I read things like the story below about the baseball schedule, I really don’t care. I miss hanging with my friends at games and that’s about it right now,

From the NY Post

The fundamental disagreement between the two sides involves the players’ willingness (or lack thereof) to work for less than their prorated pay. All of the ancillary disputes emanate from that. MLB proposed an 82-game regular season with a sliding scale for players by which the top-paid performers would receive the biggest haircuts. The PA countered with a 114-game regular season through October, with the postseason occurring in November, and full prorated pay with deferred payments for players making $10 million or more if the worst-case scenario of a canceled postseason occurs. When the union presented that idea on Sunday, commissioner Rob Manfred responded by saying that, by the terms of the March 26 agreement that guaranteed players their prorated salaries, he could hold a season of any length. A season of about 50 games while paying players their prorated income would be financially viable, MLB has contended.
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