Saturday, February 9, 2019

Who's going to play in London from the MLB?

You see that pic of Big Ben here? Well you can keep this on your phone for when the Cardinals and the Cubs play there in 2020. Wait what do you mean the Cubs and Cardinals? In my opinion I think this is the sexier matchup for over seas. Plus what other country wants  The NATIONALS from another country playing there. The history of the Cubs and Cards outweighs the team that came from Montreal and that NL team from NYC that isn't the Yankees. Maybe if they pitched the Subway Series over there, that would be cool The Underground Series...Yeah that's it. Sounds like a fight club.. Mets vs Yankees. Two teams enter, one team returns to the states.

A lot of Mets fans are getting hyped for this, I don't blame them. I just wouldn't get your hopes up though.

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