Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Yankees add Standing Room Only Pass for 16 home games in August

So the Yankees are thinking about a way to fill that stadium over in the Bronx. They are a team that are doing well in terms of the standings and they can’t even fill the park. The Mets need to do something like this also. Especially with the sightlines at Citi Field, people might love that cheap option. Downside though is the new bar that they have at the Citi Pavillion. You can’t see the field like you once could.
From the NY Post
The Yankees are trying a new way of filling the stadium and it doesn’t involve just picking up a lefty starter or another lefty arm out of the pen — or sending Gary Sanchez to the disabled list to get his lazy playing out of the headlines.

No, the team is trying to jack up attendance with a recently introduced $49.99 Ballpark Pass.

The pass will get the buyer into all 16 regularly scheduled home games in August. (That means it doesn’t include the rescheduled Mets/Yankees).
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