Sunday, July 29, 2018

Media thinking the Mets should add another Trash Heap pickup

Should the Mets take another chance on another released player? It worked for them with Jose Bautista but how many times hasn’t worked out for the Mets? What should the Mets do? I mean there is a connection with Dave Eiland and maybe he can help him out a bit? I don’t know I am kind of tired of the pick ups from the trash heap.
From the NY Post

Their current pitching coach, Dave Eiland, was Holland’s pitching coach in Kansas City from 2012-15 when the right-hander emerged as an elite closer. Like Matt Harvey going to Cincinnati, Holland going to a non-contender would provide unquestioned opportunity the urgency of a pennant race would not afford.

The Mets could afford Holland a chance to work back to being a closer down the stretch while getting a two-month view of the veteran at a time when they will need to add to their late-game pen for 2019 if they plan to contend.
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