Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jay Bruce is getting angry.....

The slump is getting to Jay Bruce. With him getting fired up hopefully something will break his way.
From the NY Post
When I came over here in 2016 and I went through that stretch, I was f–king lost,” Bruce, using uncharacteristically salty language, told The Post of his brutal two-month stretch to conclude the season after arriving from the Reds. “I did not have a chance up there. But every day I f–king come in here and I feel good. I feel like I am taking quality at-bats and putting good swings on balls and there is a confidence there. I will say that in the outfield and on the bases, the plantar is still there a little bit, but I cannot attribute that to [the slump],” Bruce said.
“This is something that I haven’t been through as a player yet. I had bad seasons in 2014 and ’15, but I wasn’t healthy. I am healthy and I feel great and I feel I am taking good at-bats — my work is good, crisp. The results just aren’t there. I feel if I am healthy and I am taking these at-bats, that it’s going to come.”
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