Monday, November 13, 2017

Mets: Carlos Beltran Retires

I am glad Beltran got his ring finally. Everything I heard about the guy is that who was a good guy, played hard and was good to charity. He got a bum rap for not swinging at a strike in 2006 and if you guys watch that pitch it was close. I know, I know. “If it’s close swing” the he misses and it becomes why did he swing...

From the Players Tribune

"I am blessed to have played this game for 20 years," he wrote. "I am blessed to have played for so many great organizations. I am blessed to have shared all of my experiences with my wife and my three kids, my family and friends. To have so many loving fans. To have been able to build a school in Puerto Rico and change the lives of so many kids. To have won the Roberto Clemente Award, which is the greatest honor I could have ever received as a ballplayer. And I am blessed to be a champion. But now, my time as a player has come to an end. Today, I am officially announcing my retirement. Muchas gracias, béisbol."

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