Monday, July 17, 2017

Mets: In the Park Home Run

Were people really booing Granderson with that Home Run yesterday? Were they booing the pitchers? The team? First of all stop the damn booing. No need for that.

If you were booing Granderson because you think he was dogging it on that "inside" the park HR, you should turn in your Baseball IQ card. It was clearly a HR over the HR Line. Granderson had the best vantage point and was able to see where that ball hit. I even could see it was a HR. I really blame the booing in the casual fan that are the same ones that stand in the aisles and rows to take selfies during play and also the ones that just walk to their seats during game play and get up and down from their seats every 30 seconds to go get a beer and food.

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