Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baseball: Fans in the Crowd

The Boston fans being racist in Boston is the "thing" right now. It's ridiculous folks still act like this but they do. I have never been to Boston before so I can not relay anything I have seen or heard first hand but this incident really doesn't help the old stereotype of Boston being racist. Now I know it's not just Boston and it happens in all ballparks but not always to that extent.

I am going to use this incident as a jumping off point for some of the stuff that I see at the different ballparks that I have traveled to and even at Citi Field. It's just like twitter, folks are blended into the crowd and it's rare that they can be picked out by the folks they are attacking. In my section where I have my half season tickets, some of the fans start yelling at the right fielder of the other team like, " Why don't you die "player a", " I did your mom last night", "you're mom should have had an abortion", there's been racial stuff, etc.

Why do you people that do this think this is okay? Do you really need your life validated in that way? Think about the kids that around too. Are you the parents that raised that kid that became viral because of his "rant"? Think of others folks. I still think the fans that do this should be heckled at home and at work to show them what it's like.

Why can't people just go to cheer their team, boo the opposing team and enjoy the game? "I pay for my ticket, I can do what I want." Actually not true. You can do what you want within reason. There are so many Adult Babies these days it's ridiculous and I'm not just going to say this is all the millennials either. I remember how it was when I was a kid with some folks in the crowd. My dad was a truck driver/mover when I was a kid. And you have always heard the term " mouth like a trucker". My dad might have sworn at home now and then but never in public at a game and actually had said stuff to folks being out of control at a game. Too many folks think they are "funny". You guys aren't. Trust me.

Now back to Boston. The standing ovation was very classy last night by the fans who didn't want to be perceived as racist and wanted to show that not all Red Sox fans are like the ones that were in Right Field the other night.

If you guys know me, I hate how this country has gotten out of control with political correctness, but you still need to have couth and manners and just be good to other people. Have fun, enjoy the game, but don't be harmful to others.

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