Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Some Thoughts From the Last Few Days

I couldn't catch the ceremony honoring the life of Jose Fernandez yesterday due to working my real job but from what I heard everyone was an emotional mess.

I am glad for a change most folks realized that there are things more important then baseball. From what I have heard from folks I know around baseball Jose Fernandez was respected and liked/loved by almost everyone he has had contact with.

I do have some issues with folks making fun of a tragedy like this. I know you didn't know him personally and he is just another "athlete" to a lot of you but he was a person. He was a fellow human with a family, friends, teammates, and a child now on the way into this world without a father. So yeah real funny. I hope nothing serious happens to you and your family and friends have to deal with people making jokes at your expense.

The next group I have a problem with are the folks that think they are beat writers and sports talk radio guys(podcasters and pay for time on local station guys). You aren't good. If you were good, you would get paid for this. You try to be witty, or cause controversy on twitter but you guys are horrible also. You too, like the "comedians" think you are funny or something special. For every good twitter account, podcast, blog, or radio show, there are 50 or more wannabes that don't know what they are doing.

Now I know my blog isn't the greatest thing in the world. When I wrote for Metspolice.com, we didn't take ourselves seriously. We also knew how to act when it was the time to be respectful.

Remember these players are people. They have family, friends, teammates and others that will miss them.

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