Monday, March 14, 2016


I had an idea for a post the other day. A really good idea and I can not for the life of me remember what it was. This is a real problem. Then I got to thinking it can't just be me. There seems to be no strife right now in Flushing.How am I supposed to write content everyday and give a different view on events in Mets Land if there is nothing going on? I could harp on the 126th street mall/affordable housing situation,but that isn't really pertinent right now. Even if we did get talking about it, so many people wouldn't care until the last minute anyway. Should we talk parking situations? The Mets had some of the worst entering and exiting strategies when it came to the post season last year. Can't get too into that yet because we haven't been to a game in Flushing yet in 2016. Come on guys give me something!!!! For the three readers I do have, are there any topics you want me to cover? Is there something you want me to post for you on here? Let me know! Send any tips or posts to I really do enjoy posting and like the interactions with everyone that does tweet or email at me and I hope you keep reading an help my blog grow and evolve.

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