Monday, August 3, 2009

Me being busy, Shark Week, Green Lantern Cartoon DVD

So I am sure you have noticed that there is a lot of videos on here. Its not because I am lazy but because I work in the film business working 14-20 hr days..I know wwaaaaahhhhh poor me. I am going to try to write more but I'm lucky to even get sleep.
Zombies, I know I am obsessed with them on this page but there is one thing I am more obsessed with SHARKS. SHARK WEEK is this week. The Discovery Channel's Super Bowl is here. Last night was BLOOD in the WATER. A very well done re enactment of the 1916 Shark Attacks off the NJ Shore. I couldn't believe how well it was done. They cut footage of real sharks in with some of the FX sharks and it was seemless..Even the FX non cgi sharks looked great. I am not going to get too into the story if you want to know about it, watch Blood in the Water or look it up on the net.
Green Lantern. Chris Meloni from Law and Order: SVU voices Hal Jordan. It was a great way to introduce this character to people who don't read the comics or were brought up on GL Jon Stewart or Kyle Rayner. This DVD just is a solid flick where it shows how Hal Jordan a TEST PILOT becomes the recipient of a GREEN LANTERN power ring from Abin Sur..Not only that we get introduced to a smaller headed Sinestro that isn't dressed in his old 1970's costume. I hate ruining the movies I have seen with reviews that tell everything about it...If your a DC comics fan go watch it..

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