Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bobby Valentine At Minor League Ballpark

This is an interesting one. I know it is two different dates but it looks like that Bobby V is taking on Jake the Snake on an undercard of a independent wrestling show.

I wonder if the Blue Claws were looking for Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Action Figures: David Wright

This is an UPDATED figure from a few years ago.....

I know. I know... Bad joke to make. But seriously, I feel for the guy. You know he loves baseball but he is always going to be injured now. He's going to try to protect his back, which will hurt his neck. He will protect his neck, which will hurt his shoulder. He will try to protect his shoulder then hurt his back. I just want David Wright to have a productive quality of life after baseball and I hope he can achieve that.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Caps: Taz Wears Royal Giants Cap on @JimandSamshow

I like Taz... I like Sam... I like these throwbacks...

Thanks to for coming on the show today!

Wright: Shoulder Impingement

What body part goes next? Geez, that was callous even for me.... Just sucks for Wright.

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