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Some David Wright “Day” Game stuff is up for auction.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Folks against renaming the Syracuse Chiefs the Syracuse Mets

I was up from 6am yesterday until 4:30 am today. I have to be in at work again about 5 pm.  If you guys don't hear from me all day its because I need major sleep.

Brent Axe of and ESPN Radio Syracuse in a series of tweets said, “If they are changing their nickname to the Mets, I have 3 big problems with that. It's lazy. Minor league sports are full of fun, creative nicknames. The Mets? Really? How does that draw in a larger crowd, sell merch or appeal to kids? 2. What do the Mets have to do with Syracuse? Even the Chiefs had a long local history and an association with Central New York.
“The Mets brand isn't strong enough to carry on its own here,” Axe continued. “The Yankees would be different, but even then I'd hesitate. Why shut off any mass appeal? If it is simply the Syracuse Mets, you aren't off to a good start in the new era of Triple-A Baseball here in Syracuse in my opinion.”-Seth Everett

Hmmmm... The Chiefs were there in Syracuse for 84 yrs? Is this Rachel/Ross we are on a break territory?

From wikipedia-

The first Syracuse Chiefs baseball team was established in 1934, when the Jersey City Skeeters moved to Syracuse and were renamed the Chiefs. The team played in the International League (IL) through 1955 (winning five championships), but was sold and moved to Miami as the Marlins for the 1956 campaign.
Another team known as the Syracuse Chiefs competed in the Class A Eastern League (then two levels below the IL) during 1956–57, but moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1957.[5]
Syracuse was without professional baseball until the 1961 season, when the Montreal Royals franchise was abandoned by its owners (the Los Angeles Dodgers) and relocated to Syracuse as the top affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, becoming the Syracuse Chiefs.

The Chiefs have played in Syracuse without interruption since their rebirth in 1961. The team was renamed the SkyChiefs in 1997 before reverting to the original "Chiefs" in December 2006.[6]
From 1978 to 2008, the Chiefs were the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. The three-decade Toronto–Syracuse affiliation is the longest of the 11 major leagueaffiliations the Chiefs have had since 1936. While the Chiefs reached three Governors Cup finals during this time, many of the players who helped lead the Blue Jays to consecutive World Series titles in 1992 and 1993 passed through Syracuse.
In 1994 outfielder Shawn Green hit .344 for the Chiefs—winning the International League batting title, and was voted the International League Rookie of the Year.
The Chiefs played at MacArthur Stadium from 1934 to 1996, moving to then-P&C Stadium in 1997.
The original Chiefs started in 1934 and  got sold in 1956 and moved to Miami as the Marlins that is were your original Chiefs history ends. In Miami. So that was 22 yrs. Then a Class A eastern team took the name from 1956-1957 before it moved to PA. Then no teams for four years then look who came in. The latest incarnation of the Chiefs. 1961-2018. That's 53 years of history and not 84. 

MG- Salt potatoes? Better then Mets? Maybe for one or two games this year but not as a team name...

MG- Yeah because the team won't wear a hundred promo jerseys this year. I am fine with the name change and I wouldn't be surprised in 5 years it gets changed to something else.

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@dhapshow hosts Speed Dating at @katchastoria Friday 10/19/18

Minor League Baseball Charities Partners with 5050 Central

Minor League Baseball Charities Partners with 5050 Central

TORONTO and St. Petersburg, Fla. – Oct. 18, 2018 – 5050 Central Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gaming Nation Inc., today announced a partnership Minor League BaseballTM (MiLBTM) Charities to become the “Official 50/50 Charitable Raffle Provider and Sponsor of Minor League Baseball Charities.”
MiLB Charities will use 5050 Central’s digital raffling platform at its two marquis industry events, the Minor League Baseball Innovators SummitTM (formerly known as the Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar) and the Baseball Winter MeetingsTM.
“We are very excited to become the official 50/50 charitable raffle provider of Minor League Baseball Charities,” said Jason Little, VP, Business Development with 5050 Central. “With nearly 40 MiLB teams currently utilizing our technology to support their foundation or local community efforts, it was a natural fit for us to expand our partnership to work with MiLB Charities.”
“5050 Central has a decade-long, proven track record of helping raise funds for charitable foundations and organizations in professional sports,” said Courtney Nehls, Assistant Director of Community Engagement for Minor League Baseball. “This partnership will allow MiLB Charities to streamline its ongoing fundraising efforts and continue to give back to Minor League Baseball communities through monies raised at our annual events.”
Since 2012, 5050 Central has been providing digital 50/50 charitable raffle fundraising solutions to a number of Minor League Baseball teams, raising over $12 million for their foundations, associated charities and community groups.
About Gaming Nation Inc.
Gaming Nation Inc. provides technology and information platforms to the sports and entertainment industry. The company's platforms include 5050 Central, a digital real-time raffle system and BD Sport Group, providing in-stadium betting in the UK football market. For more information visit,
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About 5050 Central Ltd.
5050 Central Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Gaming Nation Inc., is a digital raffle software system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing accountability to the raffle process. The 5050 Central system digitally captures every transaction while providing updated real-time raffle information to display devices located throughout the venue. Tickets are sold to fans through tablet kiosks and mobile hand-held devices, creating an effortless data collection system providing faster sales transaction, longer selling periods, accountability and substantial increases in average raffle proceeds. 5050 Central boasts some of sports' most iconic brands as clients, with partners across the sports landscape including MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, NLL, CFL & EFL as well as several NASCAR events, PGA tournaments and NCAA institutions.
For more information visit,
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About Minor League Baseball Charities
Minor League Baseball Charities is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to giving back to and enhancing the communities MiLB teams call home. Through donations and support it receives from fans, teams and partners, MiLB Charities contributes to local organizations in times of need and supports causes that are important to its extended baseball family. Minor League Baseball, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. In 2018, Minor League Baseball attracted nearly 40.5 million fans to its ballparks to see the future stars of the sport hone their skills. For more information, visit
Follow Minor League Baseball on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I typed Vintage Mets into eBay and found this

Hello valued reader,

Here is a rare New York Mets pinstripe genuine merchandise jacket in excellent condition. The jacket is men's size XL and shows little signs of wear. I would still ask that you judge the condition yourself from the pictures I have provided. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

@metspolice needs this...

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Citi Field is having tours

I miss Fonzie

When I was growing up, one of my favorite shows of all time was Happy Days. Of course, just like everyone else my favorite character was Arthur Fonzarelli. You might know him better as “The Fonz” or “Fonzie”. He was the cool guy that has the blue windbreaker on in the early days of the show back when they did exteriors and shot it on film. Then Fonz was eventually allowed to wear his iconic leather jacket (which is now in the Smithsonian) and one of the most iconic characters of all time was solidified. Fonzie was a street tough with a heart of gold. He protected his freinds from other toughies and was a ladies man.

I got to meet the man who played Fonzie when I worked on Royal Pains. Yes. Henry Winkler is the nicest man in Hollywood. It’s not an act either. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and we had some great conversations over the years. When they say never meet your heroes, they didn’t mean never meet Henry aka “The Fonz”. The man lives up to his rep. I even have a leather jacket signed by him now.

I also miss Edgardo Alfonzo aka “Fonzie”. He was a Mets player that did what needed to be done for the team. Played wherever the Mets needed him to and never complained about it. He was a tough out and a solid defensive player. When he came to the plate you knew he was going to either get a hit or make the pitcher work to get him out. It would have been great to see him do a Fonzie from Happy Days parody in the 90s/2000s with him wearing a leather jacket at a drive in restaurant banging a jukebox to get it going.

I also got to meet Edgardo a few years ago during a Nestle Quick Wiffle Ball tournament at Citi Field. We took his son who was twelve years old at the time on our team. Fonzie was such a nice guy, joking around with everyone and you could tell he was having a great time. I’m glad he’s the manager in Brooklyn for The Cyclones. He is going to do right by the kids on that team. Solid baseball guy and just seems to be a solid guy period.
That’s the tale of the two Fonzies that I have gotten to interact with in my life. I wonder when the next time is going to be when I get to see them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Governor Cuomo announces the Syracuse Mets(video)

@Syracusemets Merch already on sale

They didn't waste any time here.....

All pretty generic... You can grab merch here.

It is official. Welcome the Syracuse Mets

Name to Officially Change to Syracuse Mets For The 2019 Season

SYRACUSE, NY - October 16, 2018 - New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced the New York Mets, New York State, Onondaga County and the City Of Syracuse are committed to signing a lease extension to keep professional baseball in Onondaga County for the next 25 years. Under terms of the agreement, the New York Mets would sign a 25 year lease and the State, County and City will invest $26.25 million to modernize and upgrade NBT Bank Stadium, making it a suitable home for professional, AAA baseball for the next 25 years.

Additionally, Mets officials announced that the name of the Triple-A affiliate will be changed to the Syracuse Mets. New home and road uniforms were unveiled along with the new primary logo that features the words "Syracuse Mets" emblazoned over the State of New York. The team will wear a new "S" in a nostalgic font on their hats.

"Baseball has been engrained in Syracuse's history for more than 80 years, and this critically important investment will ensure that it remains an ‘amazin’ part of this community’s future for decades to come,” Governor Cuomo said. “By renovating this stadium, we are going to attract new and old fans alike, generate economic activity and increase tourism across the region and help foster the next generation of baseball greats.”

City of Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said, "This investment by the County Executive and the Governor exemplifies the partnerships necessary to sustain and grow our city and region. I am excited to welcome the Syracuse Mets to our community, which ensures that a baseball team and stadium will remain in Syracuse and continue to provide recreational opportunities for our region to enjoy."

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney said, "Governor Cuomo is a true champion for upstate New York. We are grateful for his support, which will ensure that NBT Stadium continues serving as an economic engine for our region. Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s commitment and leadership, we are continuing to see great momentum and progress in Central New York.”

The Mets have also committed to use their expert design team to develop many of the improvements and upgrades to NBT Bank Stadium, allowing local dollars to be spent on the construction of the project instead of various fees associated with design and engineering.
"We look forward to being in Syracuse as an organization and in the community with our top minor league club for many years to come," said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. "We must thank Governor Cuomo for his continued support.  Additional thanks to Joanie Mahoney, the great folks at the ESD as well as the Onondaga County Legislators for all their efforts."

Onondaga County will reinvest revenue from stadium naming rights revenue in addition to bond proceeds to the project. The NBT Bank Stadium renovation will have a keen focus on hospitality and the improvement of the fan experience. Improvements will be focused on the in seat and in venue experience, with an emphasis on technology. The retail environment will see an upgrade with additional & renovated team stores, and rebranding and improvement to the food & beverage experience, with a focus on showcasing NYS best food and drink.

In addition, capital will be focused on replacing and extending the useful life on various mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and security systems and the refreshing of public restrooms. Ushering in the Syracuse Mets era will include a re-conceptualization of both interior and exterior stadium color palette, branding, and wayfinding. With the intention of creating a destination for fans of all ages to enjoy, emphasis will be placed on creating a more walk-able neighborhood venue environment that Mets have come to know and love at Citi Field. Plans are currently in development to extend the concourse beyond the 1st and 3rd base lines with amenities such as destination bars and food concepts. Construction will begin in 2019.

To learn more about the Syracuse Mets or ticket options for 2019, fans can visit


Just got a press release that the Chiefs are having a "BIG" announcement today at their stadium. They said Jeff Wilpon, Governor Cuomo, and County Executive Joanie Mahoney are attending the event today.

I guess they might be announcing a name change for the team?

Who knows.....? You know who knows? Nikko knows....

Keith Hernandez Brooklyn Cyclones Seinfeld Night Alarm Clock

I wonder how hard it is to sign an alarm clock?

@katchastoria Halloween Brunch Saturday 10/20/18

Monday, October 15, 2018

@Dhapshow and @mediagoon in association with @KatchAstoria Present Halloween Hammock Comedy Show

Want some good ol' Komedy in your life this weekend? Then hit up Katch thisSaturday night at 8:30 pm. The last show we had was a great time and if you missed it, then you shouldn't miss this one... Look at that line up folks.. Did I mention it's free? You can get your free tickets here.

Who knows, maybe I'll torment Dennis during the show.....

@dave_majo did a nice piece of Keith Hernandez artwork for @QBConvention

Nice job here by @dave_majo.

You guys keep asking about when the @QBConventon tickets go up for sale...

We can tell you that they go up for sale in November. We have to finish a few things this week to make sure we have all our "I"s dotted and "T"'s crossed before we make the date official. We here at QBC headquarters are happy with the response so far with our announcements and The QBC in general. We wouldn't be able to continue to put on this event each year if it wasn't for you supporting us. We have tried every year to put on something that we would want to attend ourselves and we keep trying to up the ante each year.  Thanks again for all the interest and we will have a firm date soon.

Queens Baseball Convention Official Press Release Announcing Keith Hernandez Appearing

Contact: Keith Blacknick or Dan Twohig           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE QBC2016@GMAIL.COM

Former team Captain and current SNY announcer set to appear on January 19th 

Keith Hernandez, the first Captain of the New York Mets and leader of the 1986 World Series Championship team, will headline the 2019 Queens Baseball Convention organizers announced today.

The former MVP and batting champion, and current member of the SNY Mets broadcast team, will take part in an hour-long panel discussion which will include taking some questions from attendees to the 6th annual event.  Following the panel, Mr. Hernandez will take part in an autograph session with fans.

QBC will kick-off at 10:30 am on January 19th at Katch Astoria (31-19 Newtown Ave., Astoria, NY).  For more information, including tickets and schedules please go to or email us at 

Tickets will go up for sale in November.

From 1983, when he was traded from the St. Louis Cardinals, Keith Hernandez was the everyday first baseman for the New York Mets.  A 5-time All Star and 11-time Gold Glove winner, in 1986 Hernandez led the Mets to their second World Series Championship.  In 1987, in recognition of his leadership, he was named the first Captain in the team’s history.  Hernandez retired following the 1990 season with 2,182 hits and a .296 lifetime batting average.

In 1992, Hernandez made a now famous guest appearance on Seinfeld where he befriended Jerry and briefly dated Elaine.  Six years later he reprised his role in the series finale.

In 1999 Hernandez joined Gary Cohen and fellow 86er Ron Darling to form SNY’s award winning Mets broadcast team.

Now in its 6th year, the Queens Baseball Convention was created as a mid-winter gathering of Mets fan,  combining the essence of a “Fan Fest” with the spirit of a “Comic Con.”

@QBConvention Announces First Guest of Queens Baseball Convention 2019

Painting by @dave_majo

Hey guys,

Thank you for being so patient with us teasing this announcement. We have been wanting this former Mets legend and current SNY broadcaster for years now. This is the first time that we were able to get him to come out to the Queens Baseball Convention. I am not joking when I say that he was my favorite Met in the 1980's when I was growing up. He was the first person that I had ever heard who had the same name as me and was famous. That blew my mind right there as a eight year old kid. Being a kid that was way into tv and films, his Seinfeld appearance was monumental to me. I never knew my favorite baseball team and a profession(film biz) could crossover. That was another instance of an event blowing my mind. We all know this person from being a fan favorite on SNY's game broadcast along with previous QBC guest Ron Darling and Gary Cohen. We now know him threw his  twitter exploits with his cat. The Mets fan base loves him. We at the QBC love him. This is going to blow he roof of off Katch. You have already guessed it. I am just goin to spit it out (Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge).

We at the QBC are proud to announce that we will have The Captain  Keith Hernandez at QBC 2019. Keith will be doing a panel and signing autographs for those in attendance. More information will be released as we go along. Stay tuned to this blog,, @QBConvention, @mediagoon, and @dtwohig on twitter. Also don't forget our expanded partnership with @SNYTV.

Since folks are asking, Tickets will go up for sale in November.

@Dhapshow has basically moved into @Katchastoria this week...

Come hang out and have fun at these events at Katch this week hosted by Dennis Holden. If you do go make sure you tell him Media Goon is better..... For free tickets, yes I said FREE TICKETS to the Halloween Hammock comedy show, click....Wait for it..... HERE......

Katch Astoria is located at31-19 NEWTOWN AVEASTORIA, NY 11102

We are building a mall, affordable housing and parking. Scratch that make it just parking - The Wilpons

Since the Wilpons haven't been able to get their second mall built on NYC Parkland, it seems the affordable housing went out the window for now. Especially with this Air Train garbage going to Laguardia. Check out what @Metspolice thinks about this....

Oh that’s nice, a coaltion supports the AirTrain.  Let’s learn more…
Source: Coalition Formed to Support LaGuardia’s AirTrain Project — Queens Daily Eagle
That’s nice.  It’s also nonsense.  If you think someone is going to not hop in Uber when they can take the 7 train all the way from Manhattan to Willets Point, transfer and then take a train back to the airport, you are crazy.
Read more from Shannon over here.
You folks want to know why the Wilpons won't sell the team? They love the real estate game. It is amazing that no one realizes what is going on over there..

Just remember this was the original version of Willets Point Redevelopment.

Willets Point is an area in Corona, Queens, bounded by Northern Boulevard, 126th Street and the Mets ballpark, Citi Field. The site, collection of auto-repair shops and scrap yards, is the focus of redevelopment efforts. In 2007, Mayor Michael Bloombergsaid the city planned to redevelop Willets Point as the site of a convention center, 5,500 housing units, 1.7 million square feet of retail, an elementary school, and 500,000 square feet of office space.  - The Real Deal
Then came, let's build another mall where Shea Stadium once stood.

The state’s Court of Appeals had nixed a version of the Willets Point plan that put a small shopping mall on parkland. The development team working on the project, which is comprised of The Related Cos. and Sterling Equities, the real estate arm of the Wilpon family, proposed a 1,100-unit affordable-housing complex on six acres, with the remaining 17 acres of public land still in discussion. “It’s time to jump-start Willets Point, and we are doing that by building more than a thousand homes for seniors and families struggling to make ends meet,” Mayor Bill De Blasio said when the plans were announced.
But according to according to documents discovered by Queens filmmaker Robert LoScalzo, the developers told the state agency overseeing soil remediation on the site that they were planning to build parking lots instead. It was suggested that the parking lots would be used by Delta Air Lines, which is involved in a massive renovation of its terminal at La Guardia and has been scrambling to find space for contractors to park (there is currently an agreement with the Mets to use Citi Field parking). LoScalzo, who is working on a documentary about Willets Point, said the parking lot plan means “the city has drifted over to other priorities” different from those which justified hundreds of business being booted from the area.-
So affordable housing to parking.........

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Binghamton Rumbleponies Rowdy was at WWE event

Rowdy is looking tonight tonight.

David Fright (Wright) Jack O’Lantern

Went to the Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns last night and found this.

Looks more like Tebow to me though.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mets Edgardo Alfonzo BP jersey

Second hint about who is appearing at @QBConvention.

@dtwohig is joining the party with dropping this hint.

Official announcement on Monday.
Watch for it on this blog or:
Or at

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Grungy Gentleman Mets Cap?

I guess this is a fashion brand? Never heard of them before this....

Not my cup of tea but if you like it, you can grab it here.

@QBConvention First Guest Hint

Monday we are going to announce our first guest for QBC 2019. I think we owed you guys a hint at who it is going to be for being so loyal to us for the last few years . My partner Dan has agreed with me to that we should drop this clue today....

There you go folks...... Official announcement on Monday.

Official MLB Baseball signed by deGrom, Harvey, Syndergaard 

Another Mediagoon eBay post about something he has up for auction on eBay. I have this starting at $100 auction wise.

Interested? You can check it out here.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What fictional character would make a good Mets GM?

With folks refusing to even talk to the Mets about the GM role and me not being to high on the announced candidates, I started to think, who would make a good GM from fiction.

J. Jonah Jameson- I can see it now! "Callaway is a menace!", being yelled at the Wilpons. " I want Bruce to start shaping up or I’m sending him to Tampa." The fire comfing from JJJ would be immense but he is also known as a tight wad when it comes to paying for things.

Don Draper from Mad Men- The guy was a wheeler and dealer. He would take the job seriously while trying to make himself look really good. Only thing is would the 1960’s mindset work today?

Jules James- The minor league team owner from Brockmire. Jules has some great promotional ideas that are run down in the minors that would be fun up in the big time. She’s a pretty good talent evaluator but has no real money to grab players. So she would be a good fit in Flushing. I wonder if she would hire Brockmire?

The Penguin- This heavy handed leader would make his team fear him. I could even see him heavy handedly making trades with other teams. "Oh you’ll make that trade because I know exactly what you have been up to in your personal life and it would be a shame if it were to leak out." And I think he he would literally "cut" a player from the team if they were pulling their weight.

As you can see there isn’t any real Mets news out there right now and I am bored out of my gourd. What did you think of my candidates? You guys have any suggestions?
Also don’t forget about QBC 2019 on Saturday Jan 19th 2019. More announcements coming soon!
First big name participant will be announce next week!