Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chase Field in AZ Part 4


Gsellman in the Diamondbacks Bullpen Cart

Cool to see this in action

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Chase Field in AZ Part 3

Diamondback Museum.

Chase Field in Az Part 2

They do a dog days like bark in the park, you buy four seats and they set it up it up so you can partition you and your dogs in the Petsmart Patio section and they even have a doggie play area. They also have some
Pretty cool kid areas too.

Chase Field in AZ Part 1 

Doing the Tour is the Ballpark

Congrats to Andrew and Amanda on getting engaged.

The Grand Canyon at Sunset brings out the romance.

One of the cooler things in life I have been privy to, was to see these to wonderful people get engaged on Thursday at the Grand Canyon. I have known them both for years throughout The 7Line Army and can't be happier for these two. Congrats guys...