Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mets season tickets go on sale next week..

I can’t wait to see the responses to this. Giving an authentic jersey away with season tix?

Mets Game Notes 8/14/18

Rumble Ponies Irish Night 

Cool looking cap. Game is on Thursday.

Buy tix here.

Mets send Guillorme Down to Triple A

I didn’t even know he was Guillorme was still up here. Anyone else know this and I am only one who missed it?
From the NY Post
Luis Guillorme hadn’t started a game since July 29 before he was sent down to Triple-A Las Vegas on Monday and replaced on the roster by Jack Reinheimer.

“I think at this point, Guillorme had not played as much as we’d like him to play to continue to develop,” manager Mickey Callaway said before the Mets beat the Yankees, 8-5, in The Bronx on Monday night. “That was the main factor. We want to get him down there playing every day to improve his development.”
Read more here

Mercury Mets hat on eBay

$250 for a Mercury Mets cap? That’s how much some of the Jerseys are.

You can get a Mercury version hat made by me way cheaper here

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mets Game Notes 8/13/18

Mets Should Bring Back the Flex Packs

Since we are on ticketing today, one of our readers...Wait who am I kidding, my only reader sent me this and he is right.

Hello ticket office,

I think you need to broaden your ticket and plan packages beyond 20, 41 and full. This would have hundreds of fans if not thousands buying from the Mets and not Stubhub. Look at this from 2011: -from my reader to the Mets ticketing

New Mets Flex Ticket Packs on Sale


Five-, 11- and 17-Game Packs Come With Ticket to a Bonus Game;

Each Pack Includes a Ticket to Opening Day or One Subway Series Game

Order Fees Waived Until February 26

Flex Packs Start at $99 Per Seat and Are Available Now

Online at Mets.com and by Phone at (718) 507-TIXX

FLUSHING, N.Y., February 8, 2011 – The New York Mets today announced the introduction of new Mets Flex Packs starting at $99 per seat.  The five-, 11- and 17-game packs all come with a ticket to a bonus game. Each pack also includes a ticket to Opening Day or one of the Subway Series games, and the Mets will waive order fees for fans who purchase Flex Packs before February 26.  Mets Flex Packs are on sale online at Mets.com and by phone at (718) 507-TIXX.

Mets Flex Packs provide fans access to games of their choice before single-game tickets go on sale.  Flex Pack holders will also receive access to potential postseason games at Citi Field.

Five, Eleven, and Seventeen game packs, hmmmm. I can see families doing a David Wright/Kranepool flex pack. Five games, no big commitment to locking into dates and be able to do other things in the summer.  I can see maybe even a 12 game pack too. Still not too much of a commitment time wise and you might be able to even get @metspolice to buy a plan again. I wouldn't expect them to do a 17 pack because of the 20 game plans. I do think if the Mets were to add those other two options they might get more fannies in the seats. Baseball needs all the help it can get.

Mets Ticket Holder Appreciation Offer and my thoughts on it.

As a valued Season Ticket or Plan Holder, thanks again for your support this season. We are pleased to provide you with complimentary tickets for the August 20 through August 26 game dates. 

Bring your family, friends, clients or colleagues and choose from upgraded seating categories where available!
  • Enter your New York Mets account number and password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please click the button to reset your password, and a new password will be emailed to the email address on file for your account.
  • Click on the "Special Offers" tab and then select "2018 Ticket Holder Appreciation Offer".
  • You may redeem up to four (4) tickets to each of the remaining three offers. 
  • Your complimentary ticket offers will be active in your My Mets Tickets Account on each of the following dates:

    August 20 - August 26 | Monday, August 13 at 10:00 a.m.
    September 7 - September 13 | Thursday, August 30 at 10:00 a.m.
    September 25 - September 30 | Monday, September 17 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Click on "Buy Tickets" next to the game in which you are looking to redeem your tickets. Each offer is good for up to four (4) tickets.
  • You will receive a ticket confirmation email after completing the transaction.
  • Your ticket barcodes will appear 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the game. 
  • You may access your tickets using the MLB Ballpark app or by logging in to your My Mets Tickets Account.
  • Each offer is good for up to four (4) tickets. Tickets may be spread over multiple games. All tickets must be redeemed in one (1) transaction.
  • Tickets are available for select seating categories and are subject to availability.

My Mets Tickets Account

I just got this email from the Mets as a Half Season Ticket holder. On the one hand as someone who has been hounding the Mets to do more for their season ticket holders this is a nice gesture and a step in the right direction. This is something that @Metspolice and I have been saying for years. Treat your current customers(fans, clients) as if they are new customers that you want to get to buy into you product. Make them feel appreciated and wanted by the owners. They have lacked this for many years. Retention of customers is key. Stop chasing the shiny, "Hey this guy has never come to a game before, let's get him. But what about our customers already that have overpaid for a product or or not getting that exclusive item? Them? Those suckers will keep buying." Which is the wrong attitude.

Now on the other hand the Ticket guys from Pittsburgh see that the Mets are not going to be moving any tickets so they are probably falling back to the whole retention of current season ticket holders where they say" Want some free upgrades? We really appreciate and like you guys, really..." This is another topic @metspolice and I have talked about in the past. Why not get folks into the ballpark by rewarding loyalty and give them free/cheap tickets and the Mets can make the money off merchandise and food. Then it also is a good look PR wise. 

Right now I am cynical about all this. What would the Mets have done to show the appreciation to the plan holders if the team was doing well? Anything?

St Lucie Mets Paint the Park Pink Jersey

Bid hereYep 
Bid here

Friday, August 10, 2018

Mets Game Notes 8/10/18

Almost Awesome Night of Comedy

Yep. You see my name right there. For the first time ever you can come see me do something I have never ever have done before. I will be doing 5 mins at a comedy show. So come watch your friend crash and burn that night. It's after a @the7linearmy out Citi Field. We all know as Mets Fans we might need a good laugh after that game.

Oh btw. Admission is free and nether is no two item minimum like you see at some comedy clubs.

Athlete Logos did their version of MLB Players Weekend Jerseys. 2000s edition.

Pretty funny.

Mets looking to the Cardinals for next GM?

From the NY POST
It’s also expected Wilpon will take a relatively conservative approach with the GM hire after the organization went with an “outside the box” candidate at manager with Mickey Callaway last offseason. Callaway, the former Indians pitching coach, has struggled in his first managerial job. 
There is thought among team officials that perhaps the Mets became too analytics driven in recent seasons under Sandy Alderson’s watch, and a veteran leader with a pure baseball background would help shift the organization toward the center.
Alderson took a medical leave in June to battle recurring cancer and indicated he is unlikely to return even if his health permits. In his absence, the team has been guided by a three-headed panel that consists of assistant GM John Ricco and special assistants Omar Minaya and J.P. Ricciardi.
Ricco has not been eliminated as a possibility for the job, but sources say the Mets are more likely to hire an external candidate. Minaya, who returned to the organization last winter (he was GM from 2005-10), will have a strong voice in the search, according to sources. The search won’t go full throttle until October because most of the potential candidates are under contract and will need permission to speak with the Mets. 
LaRocque was the Mets’ scouting director from 1998-2003. The highlight of that tenure was the drafting of David Wright in 2001.
Read more here 

MG-Hmmm... Maybe get someone that is  a little younger then 65 that can be with the team for a while if he is able to pull the Mets out of this mire? I am not trying to be age discriminating but the Mets need someone the could be here for a decade. Maybe the guy wants to retire in three years. Inept ownership inepting to its finest.

ORANGE AND BLUE THING S2 E31: A final farewell to Harvey, deGrom finally won a game, Live calls, Mets talk and more Sports

Jacob deGrom finally notched a W, Matt Harvey was back in Queens and we asked some fans for their reactions, Ed Kranepool tossed out the first pitch on Monday, Josh Lewin is battling depression/anxiety and launched a new website, it ends up the Reds bullpen are great sports, The 7 Line Army is about to roll through Miami, Darren invites Jeff Wilpon to come on the show, and we take a bunch of live calls.
Hosted by Darren Meenan (with guest co-host Tim Reilly this week) our episodes are usually taped live each Thursday at 6pm Eastern (it occasionally varies, next week will be 1pm EDT). We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live stream (or replay) on Facebook.com/The7Line or Twitter.com/The7Line. For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review.
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mets Nicknames on Player Jerseys

Here are some of the names on the back of the jerseys. Jerry made me laugh... and Peanut?





I thought Frazier would go with the Grinder....

Dick’s Sporting Goods seems to have  the MLB Player’s Weekend Jersey Available for this year

Guess they didn’t realize this is a jersey at Dicks and not a t shirt. The Jersey looks  the same as last year.

Brooklyn Cyclones 2013 Team Signed Batting Helmet

This is up over on eBay.

Jayson Werth would never play for the Mets

Jayson Werth(less) called 27 teams and said he didn’t call the Mets for a job. That’s good because the Mets already have a ton of Past their Prime players. Interesting how he tees off on Scott Boras too.
From The NY Times
According to Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post, who listened to Werth’s appearance on Howard Eskin’s Philadelphia sports talk show, Werth said, “..so I took matters into my own hands and I called every team but one and tried to get a job. The only team I didn’t call? The Mets. I wouldn’t play for them.”

What’s especially interesting about this piece is how upset Werth was with his former representation, super-agent Scott Boras. In the interview, Werth mentioned that he was advised to wait it out when he was given offers in November, but then when Spring Training came and he started reaching out to teams on his own, he was told they were unaware he wanted to continue his playing career.

Werth was understandably upset finding out his own agent hadn’t been marketing him to teams, but Boras’ company has a different side to the story. According to them, Werth’s representation made it very clear to teams that Werth considered himself an available free agent, but they received no offers.

It’s not clear where the disconnect is, but Werth was incensed enough to fire Boras over it, and he of course eventually went on to retire after a short minor league stint earlier this season. Boras claims they have documented evidence that they did their due diligence, but Werth’s retirement is likely the end of the story.

Read more here

Mets Post Game Notes 8/8/18

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mets Game Notes 8/8/18

Brooklyn Cyclones-WWE SummerSlam Night - August 16

WWE SummerSlam Night - August 16

WWE SummerSlam Night - August 16
The Brooklyn Cyclones and WWE have partnered for SummerSlam Night at MCU Park on Thursday, August 16th to kick off a borough-wide celebration as WWE bring SummerSlam, the biggest event of the summer, to Barclays Center on Sunday, August 19th. The Cyclones and WWE will also be raising funds for Connor’s Cure – a pediatric cancer fund – started in honor of WWE Fan Connor Michalek.

As part of the night’s festivities, the Cyclones will be wearing special Connor’s Cure jerseys featuring the “championship belt” style logo around the waste and beads on the sleeves inspired by the Connor’s Cure Bracelets that are sold to benefit the fund. 10 jerseys will be raffled off that evening in park with the remaining items available at CyclonesAuthentics.com or BrooklynCyclones.com/Summerslam.  The auction will start Friday, August 17th at noon.  

Fans will be able to purchase a $20 ticket, which will include a Field Box Ticket and Connor’s Cure Bracelet.   For each package sold, a bracelet will also be donated to a children’s hospital. Just CLICK HERE and use code “Cure” at checkout.  This package DOES NOT GUARANTEE a chance to meet the Superstars.  

Scheduled to join the Cyclones at the ballpark that night, in support of Connor’s Cure, will be Big Show, Mark Henry, Ember Moon and WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior. (Superstars subject to change). They will be signing autographs on the concourse in two locations from 7:00 – 8:00 PM. For an additional $20 donation to Connor’s Cure the night of the event, you will be able to get two autographs with the Superstars. Those who donate will also receive a Connor’s Cure Bracelet. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so autographs are not guaranteed.   Superstars will be split into two pairs on different sides of the ballpark.  Autographs will be on a first come, first served basis.  

Fans will also be able to raise funds for Connor’s Cure by getting their face painted like The Ultimate Warrior on the concourse in exchange for a charitable donation. 

Tickets are available now by calling 718-507-TIXX, at BrooklynCyclones.com/tickets or in person at the MCU Park Box Office.  General tickets for the night, without the Connor's Cure Bracelet are $15 or $12 and are available by clicking here.