Monday, April 23, 2018

Mediagoon’s Media Musings 4/23/18

Cespedes wants to play golf again
From the NY Daily News-
ATLANTA — Mickey Callaway understands the pull of the golf course. After Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes said he was reconsidering his decision to give up golf during the season, the Mets manager said he was fine with his players golfing in season with some stipulations.
“I think golf is like anything else. If he does it the right way,” Callaway said. “If he’s smart about it: (on) off days, days we come in and we’re not taking (batting practice) and it doesn’t fatigue him or affect baseball, then guys can do what they want away from the field as long as it doesn’t affect what we are doing with the team.”
Read more here.
MG- Golf is fine when you are smart about it. For example, not playing it hours before a World Series game.
Matt Harvey Pissed at Being Sent to Pe
From the NY Daily News
On a scale of 1 to 10, I obviously am at a 10 with being pissed off,” Harvey said. “My performance hasn’t been there and I have to do whatever I have to do to get back in the starting rotation. Right now it’s go to the bullpen, work on some things to get where I need to be and get my (stuff) in order and figure it out.”

Read more here
MG- Matt. You aren’t the pitcher you were a few years ago. Are you really pissed off or are you going through the motions? I don’t know, maybe time in the pen will help you figure out what’s going on. If you really want to complain, maybe you can go start in Binghamton for a bit.

If you have the Athletic app you can check the rest of the story out there.
Carig nailed this big time. The Mets were so starved to have a big time player back when Harvey came up to the majors, they pretty much let him get away with anything he wanted.

Kevin Plawecki Game Used Jersey 

Not a bad price for a game Used Jersey

MLB Food Fest

I flew back in from Atlanta yesterday in time to make sure I got to the MLB foodfest. I’m glad I did. This was actually a really well run event. Folks attending were civil and were actually polite and didn’t try to cut lines for the food(at least from what I saw).

I ate where too much yesterday. Folks on social media on Saturday were complaining about the serving sizes of the offerings. Those folks have never been to a tasting before. You aren’t supposed to be having a full meal for each item.  I am not a seafood fan but my wife and my buddies had the Washington Grilled Crab grilled cheese and The Giants version of it and they all said the Nats one was better. Mets sent their pastrami and this is one of my fave foods from Citi Field and it tasted great also. Tampa Bay had a Cuban style hot dog sandwich which folks were digging. There were chicken and waffle cones, cheese curds and brats, buger sliders, bacon wrapped hot dogs, ice cream in helmets, and from Arizona a churro hot dog which was a desert that had a line consistently throughout the day. Miami in a cost cutting move decided to move their bacon wrapped plaintains in a trade to the Bronx for a good to be named later. Okay not really. They just ran out of them because they seemed to be very popular.

Cool event, if they run this again somewhere, I’d recommend trying to hit it because how many times in your life are you going to be able to sample all the foods from around the continental US.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mediagoon’s Media Musings(Atlanta Airport edition)

I have no idea why Mickey didn’t use his magic to put Nimmo in to PH when the bases were loaded towards the end of the game. I think that was the move to make and could have put the end to the the Braves. But what do I know?

Supposedly Reyes tweeted Reyes will get a hit 11 times on twitter and it might have helped him “see it get done”.

Familia need to tweet 11 times “I can throw a strike”.

When is Jake going to catch a Break? I’d be throwing water coolers in the clubhouse after last Two starts.

Game Used Mike Hampton Jersey

I hear after being in your collection for a year, it will want to go to Colorado for the school system.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Saw this at the team store over last weekend. I like it. I also have the one in black that The7line is selling. I have to pick this one up next soon.


This 9Fifty® cap features an embroidered logo on the front, a stitched New Era® flag at wearer's left side, a Mets NY embroidery at wearer's right side, and an adjustable snapback.
100% Polyester 
SNAPBACKS:  One size fits most

New Exhibition at 9-11 Memorial. Comeback Season Sports after 9-11.Wilpon Connection

I read about this over at yesterday.

New Exhibition Will Immerse Visitors in Unforgettable Sports Moments Through Stories Involving Famous Athletes and Displays of Artifacts and Cherished Memorabilia
(New York) April 20, 2018 – The National September 11 Memorial & Museum and NHL Hall of Famer Mark Messier announced today a new special exhibition, “Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11,” which explores how sports and athletes helped to unite the country, console a grieving nation and give us a reason to cheer again following the 2001 attacks.
“Comeback Season” opens June 27 and will require a free ticket with museum admission because of limited capacity in the special exhibition gallery. Reserving tickets in advance is highly recommended as walk-up tickets will be limited. Go to for more information.
This unique period in history reflected a seismic shift in American life on many fronts but perhaps overlooked – and documented for the first time definitively in this exhibition – was the powerful link between sports and commemoration. Sports provided a meaningful connection to those who had been killed. Stories of the bonds between famous athletes and first responders and the families of 9/11 victims are detailed in an emotional story arc in the exhibition.
The New York Mets with Jeff Wilpon are proud to be the Lead Corporate Sponsor of this special exhibition.
Signature Exhibition Moments
  • Mike Piazza’s home run: In the first professional baseball game in New York City after 9/11, with the New York Mets trailing the Atlanta Braves 2–1 in the bottom of the 8th inning, Mets catcher Mike Piazza hit a dramatic, two-run home run that won the game for the hometown team and lifted the spirits of many New Yorkers and Americans.

I really don't want to be "that guy" but, I am. The Piazza home run is an interesting topic with the 9-11 exhibit. Especially with the Mets and Jeff Wilson being the "Lead Corporate Sponsor"  of this Exhibition.  Do me a favor, read this Piazza 9/11 Jersey: The Story From The Original Owner and then come back to me here.
Read it? Great. So my question about this is, were the Mets and Jeff always going to sponsor this special exhibit or are they doing it to save face after the jersey debacle? The Piazza 9-11 being auctioned off led to a lot and I mean a lot of bad PR. They tried to throw Livio under the bus with it, meanwhile the Wilpons could have easily have bought it back at the auction if they really wanted to.

I am really hoping that I am wrong with my feeling that the Mets became the sponsors after all this went down and were being altruistic since the beginning.

Ed Kranepool might have a kidney donor.

Ed Kranepool needs a kidney transplant (I wrote about it here) and someone seems to have stepped up.
Nearly a half-century ago, New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool popped into a Long Island summer camp and signed a happy kid’s baseball glove.
That youngster, now 55, hopes to repay the ailing ex-first baseman’s kindness with a kidney.
“The story is now Ed Kranepool is in need,” said the man who hopes to donate his kidney. “I’m 55 years old, and I thought, ‘If I could look out for him, I should.’”
The donor contacted officials at Stony Brook University Hospital, where Kranepool hopes to have the transplant, and arranged for a test to determine if his kidney was a match.
“If I’m a match, I’ll go all the way — 100%,” said The News reader. “I would want someone to do this for me. Why wouldn’t I do it for somebody else?”
I hope this guy matches up. I got to hung out with Ed at his home a few months ago when he was selling some of his private memorabilia collection to help raise some money for the medical expenses for this surgery. 
I was thinking that I might ask Ed to do a "Night with Ed Kranepool" with Q and A and signing with all proceeds going to help with his medical expenses. I haven't approached him yet about it but If Ed said yes to it and I tried to figure out the logistics do you guys think you would be interested in going to something like that? Let me know your thoughts.
email me at

Friday, April 20, 2018

Keith Hernandez talks why he started his twitter account.

From the NY Post
Q: What was your motivation to start your new Twitter account?

A: I had basically started it up for my autobiography, “I am Keith Hernandez” on May 15, and it just took on a life of its own. I never dreamed it would reach these numbers and I am kind of getting a little savvy about it. It’s enabled me to promote the Mets, SNY and various other things. I am having fun with it. It’s not all business. People love my cat, Hadji, so they keep calling for more video and more tweets on my cat. But it’s not consuming me. It’s in the morning when I get up and I am having my coffee, that’s when I do it. I do go and answer a select few messages from fans. I am going to keep doing it (after the book comes out). I’ve never really marketed myself before and people have always been pushing me to do something and I’ve resisted. It’s a whole new experience for me and I am actually having fun.
Read more here 

Mets Empire State Building Cap

I think I prefer the graffiti train cap better.


The Mets are sitting pretty on top of the NL East and the boys catch up on all the latest topics surrounding the team. Mets legend Howie Rose teams up with The 7 Line to release a PUT IT IN THE BOOKS t-shirt to pay homage to his legendary call. The 7 Line Army is headed to Atlanta this weekend, and our new field reporter Wesley Chesterfield checks in from SunTrust Park to preview the series. All that, plus the usual hi-jinx, and a bunch of live calls. Hop on board for brand new episode of OABT.

An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. The comments section during the live stream turns in to a chat room, and the fan engagement is cool to see.
Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live each Thursday at 6pm Eastern. We're a pretty visual show, and give away prizes each week to live viewers. If you can, try to catch the live stream on or
For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave us a review.





Ed Kranepool Kidney Donor Search

The Ed Kranepool Kidney donor Search is still on. I was at Ed’s house a few months ago and he’s a pretty good guy. Ed was also at the inaugural QBC and was so good to everyone there that day. If someone could help him out that would be great.

From the NY Daily News

“The last 15 months have been hell ... (but) I look at it like a doubleheader,” Kranepool says with a smile.The problem is that he doesn't have a start time yet, if you will, as the former first baseman needs someone who is willing to donate a kidney.And while Kranepool is on the official New York state list of those in need of a donor, he knows that could result in years of waiting.
“My kidneys are still functioning, but not at a very high rate,” he says. “I know I need a transplant. I’m not going to expire tomorrow, but my family is worried because age is a factor.

He wishes he had more of a connection to his former team, and says he was disappointed he hasn’t heard from anyone in the organization other than long-time PR director Jay Horwitz since dealing with his medical problems.Yet Kranepool he insists he has no hard feelings toward anyone there.”I’ve been around too long for that,” he said.

“To me it’s more about the fans. They’ve been great, they don’t forget. I’ve gotten such a tremendous response from them, just wishing me well.”Now Kranepool is hoping someone finds it in their heart to donate a kidney.

Read more here 
If you want to get in touch with Ed’s agent Martin Grover because you want see if you are a match, click here. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Amed Rosario Signing at Steiner Roosevelt Field 5/5/18

This was just added to Bruce and Conforto’s signing.

Saturday May 5th, 2018
11:30am - 12:30pm
Steiner Sports Store
Roosevelt Field Mall
630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530

Public Autograph Price:
Flat Autograph - $79.99 Each
Equipment Autograph - $99.99 Each
Inscriptions - $20.00 Each
Photo Opportunity- $49.99

VIP Front of the line access: 516-739-0580 call for pricing
**Call 516-739-0580 to pre-order your tickets**

Mets Train Graffiti Cap

Saw this at the team shop at Citifield.

Mets Star Wars night

Star Wars Night is cool. 25,000 Mr Mets Han Solo with Chewbacca bobbleheads is awesome. Having the meet up for photo ops and contests in the Bullpen area is lame. We say this every year Mets. Why even bother doing this event then when it’s all hidden away in the Bullpen plaza before the game? This shoot be done on the field level at the fanfest. You would have more folks participating and enjoying the event that way. Mets almost get it down but then half ass it as usual with the promo night like this.

Columbia FireFlies Star Wars Night Jersey

Hocus Pocus. The (Mickey) Magis is back!

I guess the Media’s Mickey Magic is back.

Abdacadabra! I have pulled a win out of thin air.

Alakazam. I have made Matz disappear. Loss to a win Switcheroo.

Hmmm. Harvey or Matz or Wheeler’s Jobs could be on the line right? We can put any of those names in there.

I’m glad to see that the Mets game back last night and show that there is no quit in this team. Different feel from years past.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mets Game Notes for 4/18/18

I noticed something with the Pride Night Tickets for Citi Field

Earlier today I posted about Pride Night at Citi Field and how to buy tickets. I noticed something different when I click through the BUY button.

This is before I clicked through. Everything looks as usual. There is a number and an email for a ticket person for group sales which you can usually find on a "group" night.

When I clicked BUY this screen popped up. You order your tickets through FEVO. FEVO used to be HOST COMMITTEE and was going to be the QBC sponsor the year we had the blizzard and had to cancel it. They then restructured a little bit later and became FEVO. FEVO basically puts groups in seats at events. You set up a group by buying a ticket (becoming the leader) and then invite folks to buy tickets through your group. You don't lay out any additional money out of your pocket for anyone else buying in your group. Host Committee is the way I was able to throw out the first pitch a few years ago because that was the "prize" for most tickets sold through a group at that time.   

Now I just find it funny that the Mets are using Fevo for Pride night and not just using their group sales folks. I might have to go kick the tires over at the box office to see what is going on with this. I really want to know the deal with this. Is this the wave of the future? How much of a fee or a cut is FEVO getting and how much more is it costing the ticket buyer?

Oh by the way, as of now whatever group's leader brings 50 friends, they get an autograph baseball.

Pride Night 8/4/18 at Citi Field

Help Strikeout Bullying!

Celebrate Citi Field's Pride Night on Saturday, August 4. Enjoy festive pre-game programming on Mets Plaza before heading inside to watch the New York Mets take on the Atlanta Braves at 7:10 p.m. Choose from discounted seating areas with prices starting at just $40. A portion of each ticket sold through this special offer will benefit the LGBT Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and its Safe Schools Initiative to stop bullying in Long Island and Queens.       
For VIP and premium group experiences, please contact Bridget Davidge at 718-559-3070 or

Aug 4

7:10 PM


Baseline Box$76
Field Reserved$63
Coca-Cola Corner$54
Bud Light Landing$54
Promenade Reserved$40
Big Apple Reserved$59