Thursday, July 27, 2017

Game Used: MiLB Blue Jays

Cool MiLB Blue Jays promo jersey. "Mascot Mania" Jersey

Signed by Zach Johnson.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mets Game Notes 7/26/17

The Mets

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@The7linearmy Charity Softball Tournament

T7LA Charity Softball Tournament

Registration is now open for our charity softball game at MCU park on Saturday September 30th. MCU is home to the Brooklyn Cyclones and they've put together a tremendous package for each team. 
16 teams will have the opportunity to play in this inaugural event. If the demand is there, we may hold the tournament over the span of two days in the future. There is only enough hours in the day and to avoid paying extra to turn on the lights (taking away from the charitable donation), we need to play the final before dark.
$600 per team gets you:
  • Food voucher for each player
  • T-shirt for each team player
  • One (1) guaranteed game. Single elimination. Win and move on.
  • Ticket to the Cyclones game on 8/24 with Home Run Apple Jack In The Box Giveaway (first 5,000 fans)
After paying for the ballpark rental, umpires, trophies, food vouchers, player t-shirts..... the remainder of the collected money will be donated to charity. We're still working out which charity, but we'll keep ya posted on all that. 
$10 to enter with half going to charity. You'll be able to pre-buy in August through the Cyclones site. 
Of course food and beverage can be purchased throughout the day. Make a day of it and watch your friends compete for a good cause.


Not Announced yet, but the Queens Baseball Convnention,The QBC will have an announcement about the tournament in the coming days.

Mets: Michael Conforto Signed 2017 ASG Ball

I was able to get this through an auction through

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@the7Line Rally Caps


$ 40.00 

30 YEARS IN THE MAKING! Happy anniversary to the Mets RALLY CAP. Available now while supplies last.

100% Polyester w/ plush velcro baseball that sticks anywhere on the hat.

On July 26th 1987 the Mets released the best (in our opinion) giveaway in the history of the game. The Rally Cap was never again available, until now.

This "RALLY CAP" 9FIFTY® Snapback cap features an embroidered design on the front, a stitched (blue on blue) New Era® flag at wearer's left side and The 7 Line woven label next to the snaps. Adjustable fit. Interior includes branded taping and a moisture absorbing sweatband. Blue under brim. 

SNAPBACKS: One size fits most

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

DHAPSHOW: Media Goon Take Over

Episode 527 – “That’s Right. I’m Taking Over.”

Media Goon Has A Podcast… or at least he wants to! Our friend, and frequent producer and podcaster, Keith Blacknick, is on the show today to talk about some ComicCon, season tickets, what he would turn his show into!
You can learn more about Keith at!

Mets: Game Notes 7/25/17

From the Mets

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StubHub: You can now buy Mets Tix up to Gametime

This is awesome to know...

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The7LineArmy: Seattle Pre Game Meetup

Here we go! Our third away game of 2017. Overall, this will be our 15th different ballpark we're hitting, and our 74th MLB outing. We're now 42-31 all time and 8-3 this season. Can’t wait to cheer with you all!
Pregame party at Pyramid Brewing Co: On Saturday before the game, we’ll be pre-gaming at Pyramid’s beer garden. They’re located just outside the ballpark’s left field entrance, and opening the doors special for us at 10am. There is a “hot dog shack" at the beer garden that sells dogs, garlic fries, and chicken fingers, among a host of other finger foods that you can enjoy there, or to-go food items from the game day menu, which can be ordered in the retail store of Pyramid's restaurant. DRINK SPECIAL: $5 PINTS FROM 10AM-11AM.
Since the game is at 1:00 PM, we’ll work on a post-game meet up spot as well. Keep your eyes peeled to our social media for that info as we get closer to the weekend. We’ll wrap up from Pyramid around 12:15 to be in our seats by the National Anthem. 
A huge part of our crew is unity and if you're sitting with us we urge you to wear the special event t-shirt. If not, just rock any orange Mets tee. A unified crew not only looks great, but feels great, too. If you own one of our jerseys, many of us will be wearing those over the event t-shirt. Your call if you’d like to wear it. The orange will contrast nicely against the home team's navy-and-white.
Why “Queens Court”? The King's Court is a fan section located in left field of the ballpark whenever "King" Felix Hernandez is pitching. This is a play on that, since our squad is of course from Queens. Hopefully it ends up that he’s on the mound that day. Would be pretty epic.
Please keep in mind we are visitors in the Mariners’ ballpark. Cheer for our guys, but be respectful. Always keep in mind that when you wear our shirt or jersey, you’re representing not only T7LA, but the Mets. Let's do them proud, and make the outing a success and a blast for everyone involved. Make signs and bring our flag if you’d like, but NO FLAGPOLES. They’ll be confiscated. Anything else you need to know, don’t hesitate to reach out. When packing for the trip, it’s smart to make a checklist.
The most important to remember: YOUR WALLET, TICKETS, SUNBLOCK, AND T-SHIRT. See you in Seattle!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mets: Game Notes 7/24/17

From the Mets

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Mets: Thor Vs Mr Met Bobble Head

Just curious, how many games has Mr Met not played this season?

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MiLB: Launches Es Divertido Ser Un Fan

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Citi Field: Moving Up to the Front Row

Fine it was the second row....

I got to take in Sunday's game from right behind home plate. Wow, what an experience. When I say right behind home, I mean right behind home.

I have sat almost everywhere in the ballpark now, I think the Honda club might be the only place I have yet to hit after I have checked this one off.

Anyway, the seats I acquired come with complimentary food from the delta lounge underneath the stadium by the entrance.

There were hot dogs, garlic Parmesan fries, plain and flavored Tater tots, cups of fruit and Caesar salad, make your own nachos, momofuko chicken sandwich sliders, cookies and Ice cream. Soft drinks and water were free but alcohol cost you some greenbacks.

For the amount of money folks spend on those seats for the view you would think the lounge/food would be "better".

Now don't get me wrong, I really appreciated the seats given to me by my buddy. It was a great view.

The Netting here is a must. No doubt about it. I was just wondering as I was staring at it though, is there no way to use a fishing line type of material instead? Make it less obstructed to the eye?

I had a great time in those seats and a big thank you to my buddy for hooking me up.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mets: Matz Signing

It's cool when players just come over to sign for folks. The kids love it.

The Netting is making it harder though. The sections have gotten smaller and tighter.

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Mets: Game Notes 7/23/17

From the Mets

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Mets: The Comeback

Last night started off as a rough game. That HR that led of the game from the eyes deflated the fans pretty quickly. As the score kept keeping up to 5-0 you can feel the fans being antsy. Partly from being on line for hours for their bobble head and partly because of the "God! These Mets!"

The Mets chipped and whittled their way back to a 5-5 tie and then you had the walk off HR by Flores. This was all great😃. It gave the fans a reason to be happy as they left the ballpark.

Me on the other hand, all I was thinking was, I hope this game shows some teams what Jay Bruce, Lucas Duda, Asdrubel Cabrera, Addison Reed all have for trade value.

I really want to see what kind of deals the Mets can pull off. Hopefully the team stays fun to watch for now even though the tires are spinning and the car is not going to finish in the money in the race.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mets: Citi Field Lines for Bobble Head

Birds eye view from Foxwoods

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Mets: Thor Syndergaard Bobblehead

Pretty cool.

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Mets: Game Notes 7/22/17

From the Mets

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Something Different: Gotham Figure Pics

I was bored at work this week so I decided to take some pics and play with a few apps.

Selina Kyle

- Penguin
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Mets: 7/21/17 Game Notes

From the Mets

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Game Used: Stinson 50th Anniversary Locker Nameplate

"Won" this in the grab bag....

Team Issued Locker Tag

Hologram number FJ975380

NY Mets St. Patricks Day Game
Mar 17, 2012

Game Used: Brooklyn Cyclones Relay for Life Jersey

Alway good to grab one for a good cause.

Mets: Thor Bobblehead Q and A with Joe Quesada

Joe is a huge Mets fan and I heard that he couldn't wait to get this done..

Q: What was the most challenging when designing the bobblehead and trying to combine Noah and Thor into one artistic piece?

JQ: The biggest challenge was to just make it look as cool and authentic as possible, especially when you have two ravenous fan bases who will let you know if you screw it up. From the grip on the baseball, to the look on Noah’s face to the flow of the cape, we worked tirelessly to really make this a special and unique item. Keep in mind, this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, having a player dressed as one of our characters, so we wanted to make sure we nailed it. Hopefully Mets and Marvel fans approve.

Q: How special is it to not only design a bobblehead after a baseball player, but also having it be a New York Met? As a follow up, how was it working on a project that involved a team that you have been a fan of for a better part of your life?

JQ: My father was part of the construction crew who built Shea Stadium, couple that with growing up in Jackson Heights and being a Mets fan is just in my family’s DNA, so yeah this is kind of special for me. But it’s not just me, we have an office here in NYC filled with Mets fans and season ticket holders and that’s one of the biggest reasons this project came into fruition. Now while nothing would be more gratifying than seeing my beloved Amazins win a third World Series (Ya Gotta Believe, right?), working on this Noah/Thor Bobblehead was a huge win for all of us here within the hallowed halls of Marvel who root for the Amazins! By the way did I mention that Peter Parker is a Mets fan?

Read more here.... 

Orange and Blue Thing Episode 30: Curtis Grandson and Greg Prince

The guys have Curtis Granderson talking about his Grandkids event in August and Greg Prince talks about his new Piazza Book.

Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live on Facebook each Thursday night at 6pm. We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live episode next week on For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review. LGM!

Find it on iTunes here....

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mets Line Up with a Twist 7/20/17

- Let's see, who will be here and who won't.

Curtis Granderson – RF- gone(retired?)
AsdrĂșbal Cabrera – 2B- possibly gone(Red Sox?)
Michael Conforto – CF- here
Yoenis CĂ©spedes – LF - prob on DL
Lucas Duda – 1B- gone
T.J. Rivera – 3B - 1st base?
JosĂ© Reyes – SS- gone
RenĂ© Rivera – C
Seth Lugo - RHP- here
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Mets: 7/20/17 Game Notes

Early Morning from the Mets.....

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Game Used: "Rare" Lucas Duda Bat

I have no idea why this is rare.....

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mets: Syndergaard Signed Thor Bobble Heads Saturday

As if there isn't going to be enough craziness on Saturday with folks trying to get 15,000 of these... Oh Loki.... you trickster....

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Mets: Line Up with a Twist...

Let's check this one out, shall we?

Wednesday, July 19
vs. St. Louis

Who Stays? Who goes?

Michael Conforto – CF---- Will Still be here...
AsdrĂșbal Cabrera – 2B--- Possible Trade? I think he's gone...
Jay Bruce – RF--- Gone
Yoenis CĂ©spedes - LF--- ON DL
Lucas Duda – 1B---- Gone
Wilmer Flores – 3B---Gone
JosĂ© Reyes – SS---- Gone
Travis d’Arnaud – C--- Gone
Jacob deGrom - RHP---Here next year...

Mets: Game Notes 7/19/17

From the Mets

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Curtis Granderson to be on Orange and Blue Thing

This Thursday!!!!

- view it here

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Mets: Trade Rumors

Boston kicking tires....

From Metsblog

Out of the three, who would you trade?

My first would be Cabrera- Rosario is supposed to be up here already and there are "rumors" that Cabrera is the reason he is being blocked. I think you might be able to get a few decent prospects for him.

My Second would be Flores- I think you might be able to get something for him, what I don't know is what..

Third would be Rivera- I feel like out of the three he would be the best to stay with the Mets....

Just my thoughts.....

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Funny Hot Dog Ad

This made me chuckle...

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Game Used: Binghamton Mets

2000 - 2002 Binghamton Mets game used
 jersey worn by John Wilson
 & Sammy Rodriguez . 
The jersey is made by
 Rawlings and is a size 44. LOA from the team is included.