Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The7LineArmy Had A Mid Year Meeting

Yes. I am part of The 7Line Army. I am one of the originals that went to the first outing at Citi Field. I went to the first away outing at Wrigley Field. I have seen The 7Line and The 7Line Army grow over the years. Have I been to every event? Nope. Couldn't make every one because of my work schedule and sometimes other life commitments. By the way, missing the games drives me nuts.

Anyway, Darren had an idea to hold a meeting with current T7LA ticket plan holders along with folks who are non plan holders to gauge the temperature of the "room".

Things that were covered:

1) Cheer, have fun, but be cool and respect your fellow fans.

2) Be cool to/with each other. Introduce yourself to each other. We are all Mets fans and we are all looking to have fun in The 7Line seats.

3) Don't infringe on people's personal space/seats. If you just want to go and say hi you your friend at the beginning of the game or in between innings, feel free to do that. But don't make someone else's seat yours just because you wanted to move up.

4) Should the whole section's seats become part of the ticket plan? Or should some still be left for fans to buy for every event.

5) New Jerseys will be made for next season.

6)Trying to work out a payment plan so folks don't have to shell out a big amount of money all at one shot.

They was a lot more covered and you can the the live stream that Darren had running up on Facebook here.

Overall it seemed like it was a productive meet up and I watched it on FB while at work and was able to catch the tail end live at McFadden's.

After the meeting folks hung out and watched the All Star Game and palled around a bit.

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