Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Terry Collins Is Baffling

I get that you want to protect Cespedes's legs and keep him healthy. I get you have four outfielders for three positions. I get that Cespedes is also more comfortable in left then right. My question is, what happened to "if you hit you play" from last season?

It just seems to me that you run the hot bats out there every day until they get cold. You put your players that are on the bench in later in games to pinch hit or play the field. It seems simple right? I don't get why Collins makes it so complicated.

The pitching changes that he makes are another confusing aspect of his managerial game. I wish that he would just keep his players motivates (which he is great at) and rely on his coaching staff to help him make the in game moves. I know I sound stupid, but I'm just getting frustrated with his thinking.

I don't usually post about on the field moves, complain about line ups, or pitching match ups, but I need an aspirin now from Terry.

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