Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update: Waiting For An At Bat to Finish

From a lot of the reports I am hearing from folks, the Mets have heard the complaints about fans walking down to their seats during at bats. I was talking to a few of the ushers and they told me that they have been told every day during "roll" to make sure that they keep enforcing the no going to seats during at bats. I over heard one fan complaining to an usher about the fact that he had to wait 2 mins during an at bat to get back to his seat. The usher was super courteous to this fan and explained to him why this was being done. The other fans that are seated paid good hard earned money to watch the game and there have been complaints about people getting up and down. A lot of it is the same person in the row getting up from their seats every 10 mins. So as a courtesy to the fans who are seated, you just have to wait for the at bat to finish to go back down to your seat. The other part of this is the Mets don't enforce this until the third inning because people show up late and get mad when they can't get to their seats. If you show update, what's five more minutes standing up top of the stairs then? I am hoping the Mets listen to my suggestion of enforcing the run after the completion of the first inning. I can compromise and not complain about it then.

A lot of the issue stems from the "newer" Mets baseball fans that are coming to hang with friends at a cool event then are actually coming to enjoy the game. They like to go try all the new amenities at Citi field, which I get, but they also need to be taught how to respect the "house" rules when it comes to certain things and the Mets have started to make that happen.

Thanks for listening guys.

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