Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mets Execs Do Listen

After my incessant tweeting the other day about other fans coming down to their seats during at bats and not after a completion of an at bat, I was contacted by someone in the Mets to have a talk with them about what I see going on with this at Citi Field and at other ball parks. The exec told me about certain policies they have in place, some I don't agree with others that I do. Some that might not make sense to me and some that I do get. Anyway long story short I complained that I had to keep getting up during at bats for other fans who decided they needed to get to their seats at a 3-1 count and had to inconvenience everyone else. I was told by said Mets exec that the matter would be addressed...
See guys they do listen to us. Stuff isn't falling on deaf ears.

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