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Game Worn Mets Jersey Guide

If you collect MLB Jerseys, and especially if you look for them here on eBay, this Ebook will save you untold grief. It will surely pay for itself with your first jersey purchase. This is the current SEVENTH EDITION- released May 1, 2015.

300+ page eBook shows EVERY jersey for the team 1970-2015 (or if the team started after 1970, from its first year through 2015), including all Batting Practice jerseys, Turn Back the Clock jerseys, many team prototypes and oddballs. Every team and commemorative patch is shown, as is team tagging for most years. The Guide shows how to tell game worn jerseys from store bought; and how to tell the real jerseys from the counterfeits. Sorry to say, a great number of MLB jerseys advertised here on eBay that are claimed to be be Authentic are simply not. 

What you get:   Price includes a download copy. We will contact you after your purchase to give you instructions for your download. If you want a version that includes all MLB teams, not just this one, visit our site at

The Guide is provided in a PDF format, the world's most common document interchange format. PDFs are viewable on Windows, Mac, iPad and other tablet devices. Not recommended for smartphones with small screens because the file is large and the text will be really small. Also not recommended for non-color tablets like the original Kindle, but only because it is hard to read and not formatted properly for the screen. You'll do a lot of "panning and scanning" on these devices.

After purchase, we will send you instructions for your download. Even if you plan to use it on a tablet, we strongly recommend that you initially download to a PC/Mac or to download to Dropbox (instructions included). This is because the files are very large, which is less than ideal for direct transmission to a tablet device. Once you have downloaded to your Dropbox, desktop/laptop, then transfer the result to your mobile device, either by using a wired connection or when connected to wifi.

(Important Note: Except for the cover shot, the ten tiny sample pages shown here are EXAMPLES and are extracted from the Angels edition. They are included here to show the depth of detail that is representative of each team edition. To see more samples in higher quality visit our website,

Chapter Overview

There are 10 chapters in the book, plus a 11th chapter containing references, research information and credits.
Chapter 1: Introduction:  Establishes definitions for many terms used throughout the book. It explains significant milestones in the marketing of game worn and non-game worn Authentics from 1970 to 2015, and gives a brief perspective on collecting Authentic and Team-Issued jerseys.
Chapter 2: The Basics- Fabrics, Trim and lettering: Covers jersey construction, the various types of fabrics, trim and piping used, team lettering techniques and materials. Chronicles the adoption of Cool-Base jerseys year by year for each team.  Discussion of player Name On Back (NOB) styles and the use of nameplates, vertical and radially arched NOB, and introducing team patches.
Chapter 3: Game Jersey Manufacturer Tagging:  Shows manufacturer tagging for each authorized supplier to MLB, and explains where this tagging appeared and which manufacturers were authorized to display sleeve logos in specific years.  Shows the differences between retail-sale authentic tagging and team-issued manufacturer tagging. Covers “team tagging” as a general topic, 
Chapter 4: MLB Commemorative Uniform Patches- Authorized MLB patches worn by all of MLB, and individual leagues commemorating events  (Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers, memorial patches, pink/blue ribbons, and Interleague Play patches).  League-wide anniversaries, postseason patches, All-Star game patches, and introduces the topic of individual team commemorative patches. 
Chapter 5: Special Event Jerseys: An overview of Turn back the Clock uniforms, Negro League Tribute uniforms, ethnic heritage uniforms,  “Turn Ahead the Clock” from 1998 and 1999,  Jackie Robinson Day, St. Patrick’s Day,  Memorial Day camouflage, Opening day “Champs” jerseys, and other special events marked by individual teams.
Chapter 6: “Fake Authentics”: An explosion of counterfeit authentic retail merchandise has hit from foreign shores, making “suspect” every garment at nearly every outlet. Learn what to look for to avoid being taken by a bargain that might be too good to be true. This chapter offers an expose of what is out there, techniques used to fool unsuspecting buyers, including lists of visual clues to look for to know if what you are buying is authentic or a rip-off. 
Chapter 7: “Is it Game Worn? – A Basic Guide to Authenticating game Worn and Team Issued MLB Jerseys”. While MLB has implemented its own excellent system of authenticating game worn merchandise in recent years, for decades this had not been the case. This chapter provides a thoughtful detailed analysis to help collectors determine whether jerseys advertised as Game Worn or Team Issued actually are, based on my many years of experience with game –used and team issued jerseys.  Explains what to look for, suggests questions to ask, and what to be suspicious of. 
Chapter 8:  Batting Practice Jerseys: These colorful warm-ups have become the entry point to the hobby for many fans and collectors. Not only are the jerseys less expensive, they are often more lightweight and colorful than game jerseys. This chapter traces the history of the team-issued batting jersey from the first (issued by the 1972 White Sox) to the present lines of Cool-Base engineered jerseys by Majestic. 
Chapters 9  Individual Team Chapters, devoted to the specific MLB team shown in the listing title.  The team detail chapter ranges from 50 to 120 pages and contains the following:
  •       Year by Year Summaries- A comprehensive table broken down by year, showing the specific styles of jerseys used by the team, information on player number style, player name on Back presence and style, team patches and commemorative patches and armbands used in each year, as well as the specific team-sourced manufacturer or each year’s on-field jerseys.
  •        Individual pages for each style of Game jersey used in this four-decade period, including home, road, alternate and batting jersey styles.
  •       Individual pages for every Turn Back the Clock and special event game jersey for every game and every team, cataloged by date of on-field use.
  •       Many prototypes, oddball and special events jerseys for each team (like special jerseys worn on St. Patrick’s day, a those worn for a team’s Hispanic Heritage Day) or for on-field jerseys that have significant differences from normal, either intended by the team or not (aka: screw ups!).
  •        A chronological listing and pictures of all commemorative patches used by the team, which sleeve each was sewn upon, and what date each appeared for use.
Chapter 10: Reader Questions and Answers: A selection of questions I am frequently asked and their answers. Examples are: What’s the best way to find the value of a jersey in my collection? Should I get insurance? Who can I get to letter my jerseys?
Chapter 11: Bibliography and Research Summary: Explains how this reference guide was researched, and how each type of research was used, including baseball cards, news photos, collector contributions acknowledgements, web sources and team publications.

Important information required by eBay:  I am the author of this E-book, and am the legal owner of the intellectual content within. 

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