Friday, June 3, 2016

David Wright And His Back/Neck

This is what as fans/people we feared. Wright's back was going to be a major issue this season. During the post season last year I heard from people really close to David that they were worried that any swing could be the one that was the "one" that was going to hurt him.

Yeah, it's a herniated disc in his neck, but we all gather this is due to Wright's spinal stenosis. I don't know how he even plays when he does from how bad I heard his back is.

Folks are calling for him to retire. I personally don't see him retiring during the season if he can still "play" he definitely isn't playing physically to the standards he set before but hopefully the team makes it to the World Series again, and he can at least retire after that if he thinks that is what will be best for him.

I worry about Wright the person and not the player. People who have spinal stenosis that I have talked to are shocked that he is even playing the way he plays and how often he is actually in a game. A lot of them tell me its hard for them just to do normal day to day tasks let alone trying to swing at a 95 mph pitch.

All I know is that I wish Wright the person doesn't do some thing that ruins his quality of life for his future. The guy is still young and should be able to enjoy his life and not be hobbled because of a combo of trying to keep playing baseball with his back condition.

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