Monday, April 18, 2016

Knockoff Jerseys

You can't see the line from the M is wrong and so is the stitching on the letters.

I woke up to seeing some tweets about knock off Mets jerseys this morning. You guys all know my take on them. One, they look horrible. Why waste your hard earned money on something that looks so bad. Two, buying these jerseys funds a lot of black market criminals who use their funding for not so nice activities.

"But I can't afford the price of authentic jerseys!"

I get that and they can be very pricey. Why not just buy one of the new replica cool base jerseys. They range from $100-$135. Almost a third off of an authentic jersey and only $50 more then a knock off. And if you pay attention to sales you could even get one from $25. They were quite a number of Murphy and Cespedes jerseys that were on sale after the playoffs really cheap.

"But I want the authentic look!"

I get this also, but do you realize the knockoffs don't look authentic at all? The replicas look good. If you want to you could find a blank replica and then bring to to Stitches over in Whitestone (the guys that embroider the Mets on field jerseys) and for $50 you can get name and numbers (front and back)put on the jerseys. Just mention me, and you get that special.

Have you seen some of the "orange" Los Mets knockoffs out there? I have seen more muted orange on construction sites. Day glo Orange doesn't even describe it. The sun is less bright. It burns my eyes and you can spot them in the stands from across the field.

A lot of my friends at first thought I was crazy when I was pointing out the flaws in the knockoffs to them. Now, they are the ones who point them out to me before I even say anything.

I'm not trying to tell you guys what to do with your money, just trying to help you realize that the knockoffs don't look good and also fund some not so nice folks.

Oh by the way, majestic has a sale on cool base authentics from the World Series. They have blanks and ones with players names and numbers for around $130ish right now.

This tag below is supposed to be screenprinted and have a hologram. And the cool base label is sewn in wrong.

And below the World Series patch is supposed to be a rubberized plastic.

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