Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Okay so I might get one,two, maybe three of these... This bid is for one of the short out field walls from Shea Stadium. These wall panels are not as high as the full out field walls (8 foot) and not as short as the infield walls. All are around 4 foot wide and 3 inches thick. We will work with the winning bidder to pick the exact size they are looking for as we have a large collection of them. Wall panels have a MLB hologram ID number on them. These wall panels are easy to set up! Not much room needed! With only 3 inches thick, lean up on any wall and it's set! Due to the size, these items can not be shipped. Bid is for pick-up only. Zipcode for GPS pick-up is 10950. Can be delivered for a fee. Please ask for rates.

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