Saturday, March 12, 2016


Shea Stadium items from the Mr Shea Stadium dot com collection! Most of the Shea Stadium items we are listing are discounted up to 50% off the Mr Shea Stadium web page prices! THIS IS OUR LAST ONE! This bid is for a Shea Stadium Shea Stadium New York Mets presented plaque given out during the old timers game for 1990. July 21, 1990. New York Mets presented these items during the old timers game to both players on the field and NY Mets Officers and Officials. Between the players and officials, maybe only 50 were made. Very RARE item This item is now almost 25 years old! If you collect Mets vintage items this item is a MUST for you! Item is 4" wide and just over 2" high. See, they did have Old Timer's Day kids...

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