Monday, March 14, 2016


THIS WAS PART OF THE GREAT WALL OF FLUSHING FROM CITI FIELD during its 1st few years. Citi Field is now going back to the METS Blue wall pads and moved the outfield Wall!Gone are the Black Citi Field outfield walls. These wall panels are now history and you can own them! Up for bid is a set of (2) wall panels with the 1973 National League Champions Pennant! That was the year that the Mets manger Yogi Berra took the Mets to their 2nd ever World Series. Was also Willie Mays last game! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS SET IS AVAILABLE. All of the other Citi Field wall pennant panels were auctioned off through MLB. Some went for near $3,000! THIS SET WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS NOT OFFERED FOR AUCTION. All of the other pennant walls from Citi Field are gone. THIS IS THE LAST ONE! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO OWN A SET! These wall panels are black and 4 foot by 7 foot 10 inches, 4 inches thick. You will never see these walls again. (See our above photo of the outfield wall with the panels removed). Just think, years to come people will talk about the "Original" Citi field walls that were only there for the first 3 years making this a rare chance to own some METS history! Most inside walls are 8 foot tall so these should fit in your home! Each has a MLB Hologram ID# on it. IF ONLY I HAD THE ROOM!!!

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