Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Question: Will David Wright Be Okay?

I have heard some things from some very reliable folks that David Wright might be worse off then anyone is letting on. Fans have called him soft and golden boy in the past, but to play through the way his back is right now, that guy is one tough mother trucker. If any of you have just woken up with a tweeked muscle in your back, you know how doing anything at all can be excruciating. Now try having back issues while swinging a bat every day. Diving for ground balls. Leaping up to spear a ball out of the air. Running out of the batters box. Then having to train all year. Now in a perfect world it would have been great if the Mets had brought back Murphy to be able to slide to third if/when Wright needs a break. I guess Flores is that guy now? Wright is a gamer. He played through a lot of pain in the post season and I am hoping he has a great pain free year this year and hits back to his avg and for some power. Now that we covered the player part of David Wright, let's talk about Wright the person. From what i have heard about Spinal Stenosis is it is hard enough for every day people to deal with it much less a person who has to play to a high level of competition. If Wright's back continues to deteriorate at a quick pace I just hope he knows when to hang his cleats up and be able to live a normal productive life.

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