Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MONDAY: FEB 22, 2016

It was a beautiful day on Monday,wasn't it? The birds were chirping, there was hardly a breeze, the sun was just warm enough that you can tell spring is just around the corner. The weather made me antsy. I wanted to throw around a baseball at work with some of my coworkers. I wanted to be in Flushing sitting with some friends talking about the game we were watching. I wanted to be playing a pick up game of softball. I just wanted to hang and do something baseball related. I was thinking back to the time when I worked as a vendor at Shea. I sucked at it. You had to call a number each day to see what color the game was going to be. RED meant it was a small crowd, so they didn't need a lot of vendors.Yellow meant it was crowded and needed some additional vendors but without seniority, there was a chance that you wouldn't work. Then there was green, which meant all hands on deck. I always wished for yellow. It would give me an excuse to show up to Shea and when I didn't get picked to work, I would go buy a ticket and go watch the game. That's how I have been feeling out work the last few days. YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW. I'm at work in body but not in spirit. I am just thinking about the Mets right now(not 100% true.NY Rangers are on my mind also.)I have been just wanting to toss a ball around at work and just soak in the sun and camaraderie. I really can't wait for games to start up here in April. This should be fun..

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