Thursday, February 25, 2016


I was perusing through twitter last night and one of my buddies was saying how the Mets screwed him over. There is a page group of fans that bought a whole bunch of 20 game ticket packages to sit together and now their rep is telling them that the Mets had oversold Opening Day and they will be split up. My buddy swears the ticket rep told them that wouldn't be the case when they bought the plans and they would be all sitting together. Fast forward to today and my friend got a letter that said they families that bought tickets together would be split up from sitting with each other. Now, the Mets do say when you buy you plan that there is a good shot that you aren't going to be sitting in "your" seats come opening day, but you will have seats that are of similar value. This is another thing that isn't happening in this case. The email said some of the plan holders have to be downgraded seat wise and that their accounts would be refunded the difference in the amount of the seats. Mets if this is true and it was me that this was happening to, I would be going ape sh*t on you guys. You offer a product. I pay for that product. You and I enter into a contract for use of that product. You change the rules of using that product. That seems to me a breech of that contract that we had. That isn't cool of you to breach that contract, especially if it's on a mistake made by you guys. I am waiting to see the outcome about this issue and hopefully it gets resolved. So, before I do my usual COME ON METS!!!! I am giving them a few days to figure this out. Mets might be watching Empire Strikes Back a little too much.

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