Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spidey 4= Reboot?

To tell you the truth i think its a pretty good thing that they are rebooting the series. Now, hear me out. Sam Raimi did a pretty good job with Spideys one and two. Spidey three? Yeeeeeesshhh. I really have to say that was a horrible horrible movie. The problems I had with that franchise is that the first movie moved too fast. Where was Gwen Stacy in the first movie? Green Goblin kills her and is one of the reason Peter Parker is so devoted to saving people. Sure he has his Uncle Ben's death on his hands but Gwen was the first love of his life. Think about it. Remember how hard it was to lose your first love when you guys just broke up? Imagine losing her to murder. Murdered by the hands of your best friend's father. That in the comic continuity helped to shape Peter's commitment to not just the people of NYC but also how it made him overly concerned with the well being of his family and friends. If having the loss of Uncle Ben made him so worried about Aunt May all the time, wouldn't that make sense to show the paralell between Gwen and MJ? When Peter lost Gwen just think what he would do to protect MJ at all costs. You would know he would give his life up for her. I think that would make for a more powerful future for the franchise.
Now, another problem I had with the movies is Spidey was way to quiet. What happened to his quips that helped keep from showing he wasn't afraid(even though he was) in dire situations? Was it the writing? Tobey Macguire being a good actor but not having comic timing? We know Sam Raimi can direct funny wiseass movies..
Heres the perfect source material ...The Spectacular Spiderman cartoon....
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