Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zombie Midgets Part 6

Mikey is still sitting on the roof. He goes up there in the morning comes down at lunchtime and goes backup right after.
"Is Mikey ok?", Anita asked. "
I think so. It will just take him some time to get over Sara," I responded. We were in the back yard when all of a sudden:

Mikey comes flying off the roof, shouts out.."Open the gate, I'll be back."
"What's going on, Mikey?", I yelled as I ran to the gate.
"Stay here, I'll be right back.". With this Mikey jumped on one of the bikes grabbed a 12 gauge and a side arm and was out of the gate before I could protest.

Now this is the way Mikey told me the story of what happened next.

" Check this out bro, As I was sitting on the roof, I saw a car driving down the street about 2 blocks away..It was being followed by a heard of kickables. Then I saw the car swerve and slam into a wall. I kept watching and then I see this hottie pop out of the sunroof..The lil fuckers ended up swarming the car, she popped back in the car and then thats when i went into action. When I tore out of the driveway I bee lined right to her location. I couldn't believe it there were like 25 of them out there..( note from KB, I found out later it was more like 10). I started blasting away at them with the 12 gauge, I took out 5 or 6 of those lil fuckers when the gun jammed. So, then they rest of them start heading towards me. I pull out my glock and I start taking out the kickables. Tap, tap. One to the chest and one to the head. There was one left and I was out of ammo. I couldn't believe how fast he was moving, he was at me in no time. I tried to back up a little bit but then I tripped over a corpse I fell on my ass. Now I am basically eye to eye with this lil guy..I then realized he was dressed like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka. Next thing I know he was on me. Trying to bite me. I was able to keep him from biting and was able to toss him away, I got back up and jumped over a cars hood to the other side to put a lil bit of distance from me and him. I got caught with no weapons not even a rock. Then I saw it bro, I grabbed a garbage can and when the fucker came towards me I put it over his head. Now the lil bastard is running around like the droid from star wars that looks like a garbage can with legs. All he's doing is running around banging into walls and shit. I then run over the car that crashed then I see her. This HAAAWWWWWWTTT blonde...looks like she coulda been a model. So I hand her the spare helmet and i say to her just like in terminator, Come with me if you want to live. So she hopped and then we came back here. Whooooahh now I'm all dizzy from this whole thing." Then Mikey passed out.

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