Monday, September 7, 2009

Midget Zombies Pt 5

So, Me, Anita, and MIKESARA( I put it like this because they are literally joined at the hip) all jumped into the blazer and went to head out to the sports authority on northern blvd. We figured we could get some rugged clothes for Anita and Sara. Plus we figured we could get some camping equipment just because you never know what you might need. I installed a remote to open my gate so we didn't have to risk anyone opening and shutting it if those pesky little guys pop up. Anita was sitting shotgun with a shotgun. Mike and Sara were in the back with a variety of guns and ammo.We even installed a "turret" on top of the blazer. There wasn't as many of them out today as yesterday, the ones we did see we mowed down or drove over them. We get to the Sports authority and the doors are locked..That could be a very good sign. We broke one of the upper pains of glass and parked the blaze right next to it. We crawled in through the door from the blazer. Mike came with us but we left sara in the truck. Mike took point, Anita was next and I brought up the rear. Anita was pushing a shopping cart and went into the woman's workout section. She grabbed a whole bunch of workout clothes, women's camping clothes and some boots and sneakers. I took a cart and loaded it with gatorades, muscle milks and power bars as back up rations. Mike grabbed a whole bunch of fishing line and some fishing poles.
"Should I even ask Mikey?" I quipped.
"You'll see bro, you'll see", he responded. Anita just looked at us and shook her head.
We made a few trips back and forth and loaded up the blazer really to the point of us not being able to fit in there ourselves. As we were about to get back into the truck, we seen three famous midgets walking down the blvd. Beetlejuice, Eric the Midget and Mini Me. The picked up our scents it seemed or they heard us making too much noise. But there they were..Howard Stern's zombie Wack Pack. Anita didn't waste any time she charge Beetle kicked him right in the chest to knock him over then gave a spin kick to eric and his wheelchair spun and headed right into the all..Verne Troyer dressed like Mini Me headed towards her and she took a golf club that i didn't even notice she had hit his head like it was on a tee. He fell back and looked like he was done. Anita ran back to us and said,"That was fun.Now where is my Shottie?"
Mikey and I were just standing next to each other dumbstruck. Beetle got back up and Anita unloaded to barrels into his head and he was done. By this time I finally snapped out of it and I couldn't resist taking out my frustrations on Eric the "actor" and all the time he wasted on the radio listening to him. As I got closer to him you could see he has dead eyes and he kept snapping his jaws at me like he was trying to get me. I pulled out my replica Rambo knife I had and jammed the little guy right through his head. Two down one to go. I turn around to see Mikey playing soccer with Mini Me. Kicking him back and forth off the wall of the Sports Authority. Then, Mikey kicked him to me, I passed Mini to Anita, the she kicked him so hard and high he flew over the blazer. Sara jumped out of the blazer.It was a long jump for her stature. And she chased down Mini Me. When she caught up to him, Sara tripped and fell. Mini Me was all over her before we could get to her and bit her. Mikey snapped ran over to him and kicked him off of her. Then he put one shot right into the little guys head. Mikey then turned to Sara and he could see the life leave her. I never saw Mikey tear up before, but I saw one single tear escape and run down his cheek. He turned away from sara and she started to rise from the dead. He didn't even think twice about it. He spun around and fired a shot right between her eyes. And just walked away without saying a word. I caught up to him and asked him if he was ok.
"Yeah I'm fine." Mikey said. Then he turned to me and said," It's ok bro, I'm sure I will find another hot horny stripper midget somewhere along the way."
I shook my head and we all got back into the blazer and headed for home.

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